15 REBT Techniques, Exercises and Worksheets

15 REBT Techniques, Exercises and Worksheets

Practicing Self-Compassion

When faced with the challenges of life, it’s easy to be hard on ourselves. However, nurturing self-compassion can lead to greater wellbeing. Rather than harsh self-criticism, we can offer ourselves the same kindness we would a good friend.

Understanding Unhealthy Thought Patterns

Our thoughts affect how we feel. Noticing recurring negative thought patterns like “I’m not good enough” allows us to then replace them with more positive perspectives.

Finding Healthy Coping Strategies

Practicing relaxation techniques, connecting with loved ones, exercising, or working with a therapist can help us cope in healthy ways during difficult times rather than turning to unhealthy habits.

Cultivating Optimism and Gratitude

Focusing on what we appreciate in life bolsters optimism. Keeping a gratitude journal, writing thank you notes, or meditating on positive memories reinforces hopeful thinking.


What are some examples of positive affirmations?

Some positive affirmations include “I have value”, “I can handle this”, and “I am thankful for the good things in my life.”

How can I be more compassionate towards myself?

You can nurture self-compassion by speaking to yourself with kindness, recognizing your shared humanity, and seeking help rather than self-judgment during hard times.

What are cognitive distortions?

Cognitive distortions happen when our thoughts don’t accurately reflect reality. Examples include all-or-nothing thinking, overgeneralization, emotional reasoning, and more.

How can I let go of anger in a healthy way?

Strategies include exercising, writing in a journal, deep breathing, talking to a friend or therapist, using relaxation skills, or channeling energy into a worthwhile cause.

What are some quick stress relief techniques?

Helpful techniques include taking a walk, listening to soothing music, connecting with supportive loved ones, using humor, practicing mindfulness, and giving yourself permission to take a break.