5 Tips for Overcoming Test Anxiety Just in Time for Finals

5 Tips for Overcoming Test Anxiety Just in Time for Finals

Accept Your Feelings

It’s normal to feel anxious before a big test. Anxiety alerts your body to respond to pressure and challenges. Accept these feelings, take some deep breaths, and know that you can channel this energy in a positive way.

Prepare Properly

Create a study schedule and stick to it instead of cramming everything in at the last minute. Review regularly, test yourself on concepts, and focus on understanding rather than just memorizing facts. Being prepared will help ease worries.

Practice Self Care

Make sure to carve out time for things like exercise, connecting with supportive friends and family, enjoyable hobbies, good nutrition, and adequate sleep. Taking care of your overall wellbeing equips you to better handle moments of stress.

Use Positive Self-Talk

Rather than dwelling on fear of failure, intentionally reframe your thinking. Remind yourself that you’ve prepared well and are ready to do your best, focus on giving the test your full effort rather than the outcome, and visualize yourself staying calm under pressure.

Have a Game Plan

Make a concrete plan for test day – what time you’ll get up and review notes, what you’ll eat for breakfast, what you’ll wear to feel confident and comfortable. Having a roadmap can create a sense of control and direction when nerves threaten to overwhelm you.


How can I stop feeling so anxious about my upcoming final exam?

Practice relaxation techniques like deep breathing, listen to calming music, visualize yourself succeeding, avoid unhealthy coping mechanisms like too much caffeine, create a study schedule so you feel prepared, talk to supportive friends and family, and get adequate sleep and nutrition.

What foods are best to eat before a stressful test?

Complex carbohydrates like oatmeal give you long-lasting energy and foods high in omega-3s like salmon may help improve memory and concentration under stress. Hydrate well and limit sugar, fat, salt and caffeine which can heighten anxiety.

How much should I study the night before a big test?

Don’t try to pull an all nighter! Quickly review your notes, test yourself on key concepts and then get a good night’s rest. Being well rested will help you stay focused during the exam.

What if I start panicking once the test actually starts?

Pause and take some deep breaths rather than letting your thoughts spiral. Remind yourself that anxiety is normal and you are prepared. Read questions slowly and carefully. If needed, move on to other questions and come back once you’ve calmed down.

How can I motivate myself to study when I feel so anxious?

Make a detailed study guide breaking topics into manageable chunks so preparation feels less intimidating. Study with positive friends who will quiz you and celebrate small successes. Promise yourself rewards for sticking to a study schedule. Think of how proud you’ll feel scoring well despite test anxiety!