7 Up-and-Coming Juice Brands to Watch

7 Up-and-Coming Juice Brands to Watch

Leading with Compassion

As interest in health and wellness continues to grow, a new wave of juice companies aim to make nutritious beverages more accessible. Rather than prioritizing profits, many focus on sourcing high-quality, organic ingredients to support community health.

Uplifting Through Nutrition

Amid challenging times, these juice brands spread positivity by promoting better nutrition. With transparent sourcing and production, they empower consumers to make informed choices.

1. Daily Greens

This woman-owned startup offers cold-pressed juices featuring unusual greens like moringa and spirulina. By supporting small farmers, they improve livelihoods.

2. Ora

With a minimalist philosophy, Ora sells unflavored juices allowing natural flavors to shine through. Their intuitive subscription model reduces waste.

3. Positive Vibes

Blending superfoods and affirmations, Positive Vibes aims for mood-boosting effects. A portion of sales aids mental health charities.

4. Green Garden

Employing people overcoming adversity, Green Garden offers nourishing juices benefitting workers. Unique creations include elderberry immunity shots.

5. Fruitfull

At Fruitfull smoothie cafes, customers build customized beverages with additive-free, sustainable ingredients. Their foundation funds nutrition education.

6. Beaming

A zero-waste movement, Beaming’s bike-powered carts provide juices in reusable bottles. With carbon-neutral distribution, it exemplifies sustainability.

7. Vibrant Harvest

Supporting regenerative agriculture, Vibrant Harvest sources little-known superfoods like amaranth, goji berries and camu camu. Sample their biodiverse offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some juice trends to expect?

We’ll likely see more sustainably sourced, biodiverse ingredients along with carbon-neutral production and delivery methods. Affordability, accessibility and nutrition education are also key issues many brands are tackling.

How long do juices stay fresh?

Most juices maintain optimum quality 2-3 days when chilled, but vacuum sealing and other innovations are extending shelf life. Check labels as storage times vary.

Is juicing more nutritious than blending?

Juicing extracts liquid from produce while removing fiber. So juices may offer an intense nutrient hit, but less satiety. For balanced nutrition, moderation and variety are vital – both juicing and blending have pros and cons.

What equipment is needed?

For home juicing, you’ll need a juicer – centrifugal or cold press. But blenders like Vitamix can also make nutritious beverages. Beyond appliances, glass storage bottles and cleaning brushes are handy for safety and convenience.

How can I get started with juicing?

Begin experimenting with common fruits and veggies, then explore what you enjoy! Trying ready-made juices from local shops offers inspiration too. Building recipes tailored to your tastes makes developing an enriching juicing habit more sustainable.