9 Beauty Products You Can Actually Drink

9 Beauty Products You Can Actually Drink

Go Natural with Drinkable Beauty

The search for youthful, glowing skin can lead us to try a lot of things – some healthy, some not so much. Recent years have seen a rise in drinkable beauty supplements containing natural ingredients like vitamins, minerals, and botanicals that aim to support beauty from the inside out.

Understanding the Concept

The idea behind drinkable beauty is that hydrating the skin and nourishing the body with antioxidant-rich ingredients will translate to a more radiant, youthful appearance. Many of these products are made from recognizable foods like fruits and vegetables, making them an approachable way to care for ourselves.

Potential Benefits

  • Hydration for improved skin moisture and plumpness
  • Detoxifying effects to minimize bloating
  • Essential nutrients for body and skin cell health
  • Potent antioxidants to counter free radicals
  • Strengthening of hair, skin, and nails

Questions to Consider

Drinkable beauty seems appealing, but like any supplement it pays to do some research.

  • Are the ingredients backed by solid evidence, or just hype?
  • How much of the key nutrients and botanicals are included?
  • Does the company follow ethical and sustainable practices?
  • Is the product certified organic or non-GMO verified?

5 Nourishing Drinkable Beauty Options

If you think trying a drinkable beauty supplement makes sense for your self-care routine, here are 5 nutrient-dense options to consider:

1. Sakara Beauty Water

This electrolyte-rich water contains hyaluronic acid for hydration, silica to support hair and nails, and zinc to regulate oil production. It aims to increase moisture and deliver a dewy glow.

2. The Beauty Chef Hydration Inner Beauty Boost

With coconut water, rose water, vitamin C, zinc, and over 20 botanicals, this supplement supports hydration, youthful skin, hair growth, and protection from environmental stress.

3. Hum Daily Cleanse

A blend of fiber, probiotics, and diverse plant extracts works to detoxify, improve digestion and skin clarity, and flood skin with antioxidants for a healthy, vibrant look.

4. Moon Juice Beauty Dust

Adaptogenic herbs, antioxidant-rich plants, and certain marine elements provide targeted support for hair, skin, and nails while aiming to reduce visible signs of aging.

5. The Beauty Chef Glow Inner Beauty Powder

A certified organic supplement supports microbiome balance and delivers high antioxidant capacity from fruits like kakadu plum and maqui berry for luminous, youthful skin.

The Takeaway

Drinkable beauty represents a gentle, food-based approach to self-care that focuses on nourishing our bodies with the vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients plants provide. As with any supplement, do your homework to ensure you choose reputable brands providing high quality ingredients.


What are some examples of drinkable beauty products?

Popular drinkable beauty options include hydrating electrolyte waters, detox teas, glow powders with superfoods and adaptogens, and liquid beauty supplements containing marine elements like collagen.

How do you use drinkable beauty products?

Most drinkable beauty products can be enjoyed daily. Follow each product’s usage guidelines, as some supplements may suggest taking a certain dose while others can be consumed freely. Pay attention to how your body responds.

When should you drink beauty supplements?

You can drink beauty products like hydration waters and detoxifying teas anytime throughout the day. For concentrated liquid supplements, many people prefer taking them in the morning or before bed to maximize absorption.

Are drinkable vitamins better than pills?

For some people, drinkable vitamins represent a more bioavailable, gentler way to supplement compared to capsules. Liquids may be absorbed more efficiently, especially when ingredients like collagen peptides are provided in broken down forms.

What makes a beauty product drinkable?

Drinkable beauty products provide skin-enhancing ingredients like vitamins, botanicals, adaptogens, amino acids, and marine elements in ready-to-drink formats like waters, juices, teas and liquid supplements that aim to support beauty from within when consumed.