9 boutique NYC cycling studios that give SoulCycle and Flywheel a run for their money

9 boutique NYC cycling studios that give SoulCycle and Flywheel a run for their money

New York City is renowned for its dynamic fitness scene, with a plethora of options to choose from. Among the most popular are cycling studios, with giants like SoulCycle and Flywheel dominating the landscape. However, the city is also home to a number of boutique cycling studios that offer unique experiences, personalized attention, and innovative classes that rival these well-known brands. In this article, we’ll explore nine boutique NYC cycling studios that are making waves and offering riders a refreshing alternative.

The Rise of Boutique Cycling Studios

Boutique fitness studios have gained popularity for their specialized focus and community feel. Unlike larger gym chains, these studios provide an immersive experience that often includes high-end amenities, specialized equipment, and attentive instructors. Cycling enthusiasts are flocking to these intimate settings for a more tailored workout that feels both personal and powerful.

1. Swerve Fitness

Swerve Fitness takes team competition to the next level. With team-inspired indoor cycling classes, riders can experience the camaraderie of working together while pushing their individual limits. The studio’s state-of-the-art bikes and real-time performance tracking make for a modern and motivating environment.

2. Monster Cycle

Monster Cycle is the antithesis of your typical cycling class. With a gothic-inspired aesthetic and a focus on heavy beats and video stimulation, this studio offers a class that feels more like a night out than a workout. It’s perfect for those looking to break the mold and pedal to the beat of their own drum.

3. Aqua Studio

Aqua Studio is unique in that it brings cycling into the water. Aquatic cycling adds resistance to each pedal stroke, providing a low-impact, high-intensity workout that’s gentle on the joints. It’s a refreshing take on the traditional cycling class and a must-try for fitness aficionados.

4. Ride Brooklyn

Ride Brooklyn prides itself on being more than just a cycling studio. It’s a community hub where passionate instructors and cyclists can come together. Their classes are designed to challenge riders of all levels, and they also offer outdoor bike rentals for those looking to take their ride to the streets.

5. SYNC Studio

SYNC Studio offers a holistic approach to fitness with a variety of classes, including yoga and cycling. Their cycling sessions are an exhilarating combination of cardio and rhythm, allowing riders to sync up with the music and their movements for a truly immersive experience.

6. Harlem Cycle

Harlem Cycle celebrates the culture and history of Harlem with its community-focused approach to fitness. The studio’s classes incorporate elements of the neighborhood’s rich musical heritage, making for a vibrant and inspiring cycling session that honors its roots.

7. BYKlyn Cycle

BYKlyn Cycle emphasizes the ‘Brooklyn grit’ with its raw and industrial vibe. Classes here are down-to-earth and accessible, focusing on delivering a solid workout that’s stripped of pretense but full of heart and soul.

8. Asphalt Green

Asphalt Green is a nonprofit organization that provides high-quality fitness facilities to the community. Their cycling classes are part of a larger mission to empower New Yorkers through sports and fitness, making each ride feel purposeful and impactful.

9. Tailwind Endurance

For those serious about cycling, Tailwind Endurance offers a competitive edge. Their training-focused approach caters to triathletes and endurance cyclists looking to improve their performance. With expert coaching and data-driven programs, Tailwind takes cycling to the next level.


What makes boutique cycling studios different from larger chains?

Boutique studios tend to offer a more personalized and focused approach to fitness, often with unique class styles, community events, and premium amenities that larger chains might not provide.

Are boutique cycling classes suitable for beginners?

Yes, most boutique studios welcome riders of all levels and offer classes that can be tailored to an individual’s fitness level.

Can I try a class before committing to a package?

Many studios offer introductory classes or first-time deals that allow you to try out a session before purchasing a package.

What should I bring to a boutique cycling class?

It’s recommended to bring water, comfortable workout attire, and cycling shoes if you have them. Many studios also offer shoe rentals.

Are there any community aspects to boutique cycling studios?

Yes, community is a big part of the boutique studio experience. Many offer social events, charity rides, and foster a sense of camaraderie among members.