A Major Food Network Show Went Vegan—and the Chopped Casting Director Tells All

A Major Food Network Show Went Vegan—and the Chopped Casting Director Tells All

Compassion Takes Center Stage

In an inspiring move, the hit Food Network show Chopped recently featured an all-vegan episode with plant-based ingredients. As the casting director for Chopped, I had the privilege of helping put together this groundbreaking episode that highlighted the creative possibilities of vegan cooking.

Choosing Compassion

When conceptualizing an all-vegan episode, we focused on spotlighting chefs who choose plant-based eating out of compassion – both for animals and the planet. Our goal was to showcase the growing vegan movement driven by ethics and care rather than trends.

Creativity with Plants

An all-vegan mystery basket prompted ingenious use of diverse vegetables, grains, legumes and more. I was wowed by the plant-forward culinary artistry from compassionate chefs. Their stunning vegan dishes proved that cruelty-free cooking can be wildly creative and mouthwateringly delicious.

Growing a Compassionate Food Culture

From vegan comfort foods to unexpected plant-based desserts, this episode represented an important step for the food entertainment industry. By showcasing veganism aligned with values like mercy and sustainability, we hope to encourage more people to explore compassionate eating.


Why did Chopped go vegan?

Chopped wanted to highlight the creative possibilities of plant-based cooking driven by ethics and care rather than trends.

Were the contestants all ethically motivated vegans?

Yes, we specifically chose compassionate, ethically-driven vegan chefs to compete.

What kinds of vegan ingredients were featured?

The all-vegan mystery baskets included diverse vegetables, grains, legumes, plant-based protein sources and more.

Were the vegan dishes less appetizing?

No way! They were mouthwateringly delicious and extremely creative.

Will Chopped do more vegan episodes?

We hope so! This episode helped showcase the exciting possibilities of compassionate, sustainable eating that avoids harming animals.