Compounding Services Pharmacy: What Is It and What Are Its Benefits?

Compounding Services Pharmacy: What Is It and What Are Its Benefits?

A compounding pharmacy offers customized medications to meet unique patient needs. Instead of providing mass-produced drugs, compounding pharmacists combine ingredients to create personalized treatments.

What is Compound Pharmacy?

Compounding enables pharmacists to alter a medication’s dose, form, flavor or eliminate ingredients that a patient cannot tolerate. This allows patients to take medications that would otherwise be unavailable or unsuitable.

Who Benefits from Compounding Pharmacy Services?

Compounding helps many groups of people get the medicine they need, including:

  • Patients with allergies – Ingredients can be swapped out
  • Children – Doses can be reduced and flavors improved
  • Seniors – Dose delivery method can be changed to be easier to take
  • Pets – Formulas meet species requirements

Examples of Compounded Medications

Some examples of commonly compounded medications include:

  • Creams or gels for pain relief
  • Allergen-free capsules or liquids
  • Pet medications with palatable flavors
  • Hormone therapies not commercially available

Benefits of Using a Compounding Pharmacy

Reasons patients may choose a compounding pharmacy include:

  • Access medications otherwise not available
  • Avoid allergens or unwanted ingredients
  • Get customized doses or potencies
  • Have medication tailored to lifestyle needs
  • Improve medication flavor and texture

Compounding Pharmacy FAQs

What training do compounding pharmacists have?

Compounding pharmacists complete additional training beyond regular pharmacists. They must demonstrate expertise in creating specialized drug formulations.

Is compounding overseen by regulatory bodies?

Yes, compounding pharmacies must follow state pharmacy board regulations and industry standards. Compounding improves access to medications while ensuring safety and quality.

How do I get a compounded medication?

Ask your doctor for a compounded medication prescription. They will send it to a compounding pharmacy able to fill your customized order.

Will my insurance cover compounded drugs?

Many major insurance plans cover compounded formulations, but policies differ. Check with your specific insurer about coverage details.

How do I find a qualified compounding pharmacy?

The Professional Compounding Centers of America offers a directory to locate accredited pharmacies with specially trained compounding experts.