Could Credo Become the Sephora of Clean Beauty? The Co-Founder Dishes

Could Credo Become the Sephora of Clean Beauty? The Co-Founder Dishes

A Commitment to Clean Beauty

Credo Beauty, co-founded in 2015 by Annie Jackson, has become one of the most popular clean beauty retailers. With a focus on transparency, Credo works directly with brands to vet ingredients and formulas, only offering products free of commonly unwanted additives.

Embracing a Health-First Mentality

Credo aims to promote overall wellness by ensuring the safety and gentleness of their offerings. They encourage consumers to make self-care a regular habit while being mindful of how products interact with bodies.

Building Meaningful Relationships

Credo prides itself on establishing genuine connections between customers, brands, and Credo team members. Their stores provide education and guidance to empower conscious choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Credo different from other beauty retailers?

Credo thoroughly vets brands and products to only sell items formulated without harsh additives and with skin health in mind.

What kind of ingredients does Credo avoid?

Credo avoids over 2,700 questionable ingredients prone to irritation or contamination like parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and more.

Does Credo offer natural products?

Yes, Credo offers natural, non-toxic, organic, clean, and ethical beauty products customers can feel good about using.

Can I return products to Credo?

Yes, Credo offers free returns within 60 days of purchase even on lightly used products to ensure customers have the best experience.

How can I learn more about clean beauty?

Credo’s team provides in-store and online guidance about products, ingredients, formulation methods, and more to educate consumers.