Daily Harvest vs. Green Blender: How Two New Smoothie Delivery Companies Measure Up

Daily Harvest vs. Green Blender: How Two New Smoothie Delivery Companies Measure Up

In the world of health and wellness, smoothie delivery services have become a game-changer for those looking to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their diet without the hassle of shopping and prep work. Among these innovative services, Daily Harvest and Green Blender stand out. But how do they compare? In this detailed review, we’ll pit Daily Harvest against Green Blender to help you decide which service might be best for your needs.

The Convenience Factor

Both Daily Harvest and Green Blender offer the ultimate convenience of delivering healthy smoothie ingredients right to your door. Daily Harvest might edge out slightly with their pre-portioned cups that go directly from freezer to blender, while Green Blender requires a bit more prep as they deliver whole fruits and vegetables.

Variety and Nutrition

When it comes to variety, both companies offer a wide range of smoothie options. Daily Harvest’s menu includes a mix of fruits, vegetables, and superfoods, while Green Blender focuses on organic, non-GMO produce. Nutritionally, both companies provide transparent ingredient lists and nutritional info, ensuring you know exactly what you’re consuming.

Flavor Profiles

Flavor is subjective, but both Daily Harvest and Green Blender have received praise for their delicious combinations. Daily Harvest might appeal more to those who prefer sweeter, fruit-forward smoothies, whereas Green Blender offers unique, chef-crafted recipes that might be more suited to the adventurous palate.

Cost and Value

Cost is a crucial factor for many. Daily Harvest’s pricing can be a bit higher, reflecting their convenience and organic ingredients. Green Blender, while offering organic ingredients, is slightly more budget-friendly but requires more time investment. Both services offer flexible subscription plans to fit different lifestyles.

Sustainability and Packaging

For those concerned about their environmental footprint, both companies strive for sustainability. Daily Harvest uses recyclable packaging, and Green Blender focuses on reducing food waste by portioning ingredients. Both have their merits in eco-friendliness, but your personal preference on packaging might sway your decision.


Which service offers organic ingredients?

Both Daily Harvest and Green Blender offer organic ingredients in their smoothies, with Green Blender having a strong emphasis on non-GMO produce.

Can I customize my smoothie choices with either service?

Yes, both services allow you to customize your orders based on your taste preferences and dietary restrictions.

Are there options for dietary restrictions like gluten-free or vegan?

Absolutely. Daily Harvest and Green Blender both cater to various dietary needs, including gluten-free and vegan options.

How do the subscription plans work?

Both companies offer flexible subscription plans where you can choose the number of smoothies and frequency of delivery to match your schedule.

Which company is more eco-friendly?

Both companies prioritize sustainability, but they have different approaches. Daily Harvest uses recyclable cups, while Green Blender aims to minimize food waste. Your preference for sustainability practices will guide your choice.