Everything you need to know about Black Moon Lilith and feeling empowered

Everything you need to know about Black Moon Lilith and feeling empowered

Understanding Black Moon Lilith

Black Moon Lilith is an intriguing astrological point associated with a person’s inner power and ability to embrace one’s true, authentic self. Often misunderstood, Black Moon Lilith represents the freedom to walk our own unique path, despite societal expectations.

Reclaiming Our Power

Black Moon Lilith reminds us that we each have an untamed spirit within, longing to care for ourselves freely and without shame or judgment. By tuning into this wild, inner voice, we can reclaim our own sovereign power rather than giving it away to others.

Owning Our Truth

Our inner Lilith urges us to honor our most soulful yearnings and express our distinctive gifts. By acknowledging her vitality, we own the totality of who we are – light and shadow included. This self-acceptance empowers our journey toward wholeness.

Embracing True Liberation

The true path to freedom understands repression only breeds further darkness. Black Moon Lilith calls us to meet ourselves and others exactly where we’re at, extending compassion along the way. Our shared humanity connects us more than our differences divide.


What does Black Moon Lilith represent?

Black Moon Lilith represents a person’s inner wildness, power and ability to walk one’s own authentic spiritual path, free from external expectations or repressions.

How can I connect with my Black Moon Lilith?

You can tune into your inner Black Moon Lilith by spending time alone in nature, listening to your deepest longings through practices like journaling, movement or meditation. Getting to know this part of yourself requires self-acceptance, patience and compassion.

Is Black Moon Lilith a planet or asteroid?

Black Moon Lilith is not a physical celestial body. Rather, it’s an astrological point that marks the furthest point in the moon’s orbit around the earth.

What zodiac sign is Black Moon Lilith in?

Like other astrological points, Black Moon Lilith occupies a different zodiac sign over time. To find your Black Moon Lilith sign, you’ll need to reference an astrological chart calculated for your exact time and place of birth.

How long does Black Moon Lilith take to orbit the earth?

Black Moon Lilith’s highly elliptical orbit takes roughly 9 years to complete one revolution around the earth and return to its original position in a birth chart.