Great Self-Care: How to Set Healthy Boundaries

Great Self-Care: How to Set Healthy Boundaries

Finding the Right Balance

Setting healthy boundaries in life is essential for self-care, but it can be challenging. As social creatures, we want to be available for others, but that can come at the expense of our own needs. The key is balance – learning when to say yes and when we need to say no or set a limit.

Know Your Limits

Take some time for self-reflection. What makes you feel drained or overwhelmed? Do certain people or situations tap your energy more than others? Understanding your capacity for giving helps you know when enough is enough.

Listen to Your Body

When you start to feel tension, fatigue, or irritation arising, see it as a signal you may need a break. Don’t ignore the signs your mind and body give you. Taking care of your needs keeps your cup full.

It’s Okay to Say No

You don’t have to say yes to every request for your time or energy. Friends will understand if you simply explain you have personal needs to tend to. Save your energy for what’s most meaningful.


How do I set healthy boundaries?

Start by knowing your limits and listening to your mind and body. Then practice saying no to requests that go beyond your capacity. Be kind but firm in expressing what you can and can’t take on.

Why are boundaries so hard?

We want to help others and be perceived as nice. But running on empty benefits no one. Healthy boundaries allow you to be fully present for the people and activities you do choose.

What if people get upset?

Some may push back when you shift dynamics in the relationship. Stand by your decisions with compassion. The right people will come to understand and respect your choices.

How do I avoid feeling guilty?

Know that taking care of your needs allows you to better care for others when it really counts. Do things that remind you of your self-worth. Change negative self-talk to words of encouragement.

What are some relaxing self-care ideas?

Soak in a warm bath, listen to calming music, take a walk outdoors, write in a journal, spend time with a pet, get a massage, read an inspiring book – anything that soothes your mind, body and spirit.