Hot Summer Workout Tunes

Hot Summer Workout Tunes

As summer heats up, it can be challenging to stay motivated with fitness routines. However, connecting to the simple joys of movement and music can help. Rather than focusing solely on results, consider how working up a sweat makes you feel alive. Tune in to rhythms that resonate and lift your mood.

Morning Movement Rituals

Set a refreshing tone for the day by dancing with the sunrise. Flow through poses in time with songs that awaken your energy. Savor the stillness afterwards as you tune into nature’s melodies.

Afternoon Jam Sessions

When you need a boost, put together an upbeat playlist. Let the music move you through a quick HIIT session or chair dance party. Smile as your body expresses itself freely.

Sunset Strolls

As the day softens into dusk, decompress with an easy walk around the neighborhood. Notice how the shifting light and long shadows create beauty. Feel gratitude for another day well lived.


What are some good morning workout songs?

Upbeat songs like “Good Morning” by Max Frost or “Lovely Day” by Bill Withers can help you start the day feeling energized and optimistic.

What is the best music for HIIT workouts?

Fast-paced electronic dance music and hip hop with 130+ beats per minute match the intensity of many HIIT workouts.

What songs are good for walking?

For walking, try mid-tempo tunes around 100 bpm like “Home” by Phillip Phillips or “500 Miles” by The Proclaimers to set a steady, feel-good pace.

How does music help with exercise?

Research shows music can boost mood, motivation, and endurance during physical activity. Syncing movement to a beat has also been found to improve performance efficiency.

What exercises can I do while listening to music?

Virtually any exercise can be performed while listening to music! Dancing, walking, stretching, weight lifting, and high intensity interval training often benefit from motivating, mood-boosting tunes.