How to Be Clear About Your Intentions

How to Be Clear About Your Intentions

Understanding Your Motivations

When setting an intention, first reflect on what is motivating you. Intentions born from anger, fear or self-interest often lead to unfavorable outcomes. Focus instead on positive motivations like love, growth, and service to others.

Be Specific

Articulate exactly what you want to manifest. Keep your intention simple, clear and detailed. Rather than "I want more money" try "I intend to earn an extra $500 this month through my side business".

Set Realistic Timeframes

Don’t burden yourself with unrealistic deadlines. Set milestones you can genuinely accomplish. You can always renew intentions later. Small, doable steps reinforce self-efficacy.

Write it Down

A written statement cements your resolve and gives your intention direction. Keep it somewhere visible as a reminder to align actions.

Tell Supportive Friends

Verbalizing intentions is powerful. Supportive friends can cheer you on and kindly hold you accountable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is an intention?

An intention is a desired outcome clearly formulated in your mind and stated affirmatively in the present tense. It focuses your thoughts, words and actions towards manifestation.

How do you set good intentions?

Good intentions are those grounded in positive motivations, specifically and realistically defined, written down, and shared with supportive friends.

Do intentions really work?

Research shows intentions effectively drive goal-consistent behavior when formulated properly. The focused thought and effort intentions inspire play a big role in achieving desired outcomes.

Can intentions backfire?

Yes, unclear, unrealistic or negatively motivated intentions often backfire by creating stress and disappointment. Setting overambitious outcomes inadvertently sets you up for perceived failure.

How can I tell if my intention is good?

Reflect on your underlying motivation – is it grounded in positivity and growth vs fear or criticism? Then assess if your intention is realistically achievable. If so, it will energize not overwhelm you when working towards it.