How to Be More Personable

How to Be More Personable

The Benefits of Being Personable

Developing a warm, friendly personality can open up a world of rewarding relationships and opportunities. People who exude empathy, positivity and authentic interest in others often find that doors open for them, both personally and professionally.

Making Conversation

One of the best ways to be more personable is simply to get good at conversation. Some tips:

  • Ask questions and listen with care when others speak. Don’t just wait for your turn to talk.
  • Find common interests by asking people about their hobbies, families or jobs.
  • Share stories and information about your own life to find common ground.
  • Compliment others sincerely and offer encouragement freely.

Developing Emotional Intelligence

People with high “EQ” or emotional intelligence are adept at reading social cues and responding with sensitivity. Some strategies include:

  • Pay close attention to body language and facial expressions when conversing.
  • Consider things from the other person’s perspective before reacting.
  • Regulate your own emotions before communicating further if upset.

Cultivating Compassion

Seeking to understand and feel empathy for others’ suffering makes one more approachable and warm. Try:

  • Imagining yourself in another person’s situation when they share problems.
  • Looking for shared hopes and difficulties across social or demographic lines.
  • Letting go of judgment as much as possible.

Staying Positive

A cheerful, encouraging attitude naturally makes people want to be around you more. Strategies to shine more positive light include:

  • Start each day by listing things you are grateful for.
  • Compliment others’ talents and bright spots when you notice them.
  • Reframe challenging situations as opportunities to learn and grow.


What are the benefits of being personable?

Being personable opens up rewarding relationships, expands your network, and creates more opportunities personally and professionally.

How can I be better at conversation?

Ask questions, listen carefully, find common interests, share your own experiences, give sincere compliments, and offer encouragement.

What is emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence or “EQ” refers to the ability to read and respond to social and emotional cues with sensitivity and tact.

Why is compassion important for being personable?

Feeling and expressing genuine empathy and compassion for others’ suffering makes people feel respected, understood and cared for, increasing approachability.

How can I stay more positive on a daily basis?

Cultivate gratitude, compliment others’ talents, reframe challenges as growth opportunities – a more positive mindset makes people enjoy being around you.