How to Check if Your Recliner Is Damaging Your Spine

How to Check if Your Recliner Is Damaging Your Spine

Sitting Safely and Comfortably

Recliners can provide a comfortable place to relax, but it’s important to be mindful of how we sit to avoid straining our backs. When reclining, try using a lumbar pillow for extra support. Listen to your body and change positions or take breaks as needed. Focus on good posture by keeping your feet flat, back straight, and avoiding slouching.

Choosing the Right Recliner

Look for recliners with good back and neck support. Avoid chairs that slant too far back, as these can overextend the spine. Consider your height and body type when selecting a recliner, and test it out before purchasing.

Exercises to Keep the Back Strong

Simple stretches and core exercises can counteract too much sitting. Try cat-cow pose, knee-to-chest lifts, and bridge pose. Going for regular walks, swimming, or yoga can also strengthen muscles that support the spine.

When to Seek Help

See your doctor if you have persistent back or neck pain. A medical professional can check for underlying issues and provide customized treatment recommendations.


How can I tell if my recliner is bad for my back?

Signs your recliner may not properly support your back include straining to get in or out of it, inability to sit up straight, slouching, and increased back soreness after use.

What features should I look for in a back-friendly recliner?

Look for good lumbar support, firm cushions, adjustable positions, smooth reclining function, and a height that allows your feet to rest flat on the floor.

Are recliners ever healthy for long periods of time?

It’s best to limit reclining and take movement breaks every 30 minutes. A recliner can be comfortable for short periods if it provides proper support.

What kind of exercises can I do to counteract recliner use?

Try core strengthening exercises like planks, cat-cow stretches, knee-to-chest lifts, and gentle back bends. Walking, swimming, and yoga are also great for overall back health.

When should I talk to my doctor about potential recliner-related back pain?

See your doctor promptly if you have persistent pain, numbness or tingling that doesn’t improve with stretches and exercise. Let them know about your recliner use as a potential factor.