How to Prevent “Zoom Fatigue” When You WFH

How to Prevent “Zoom Fatigue” When You WFH


Working from home using video conferencing tools like Zoom has become more common during recent times. While this arrangement offers flexibility, many people report feeling drained or exhausted from frequent video calls, commonly referred to as “zoom fatigue.”

What is Zoom Fatigue?

Zoom fatigue describes the tiredness or mental exhaustion that can occur from excessive video conferencing. Staring at your own face for prolonged periods, lack of non-verbal cues, and increased cognitive load from the technology can overstimulate your brain.

Tips to Prevent Zoom Fatigue

  • Take regular breaks during long meetings to rest your eyes and mind.
  • Minimize distractions in your workspace to remain focused.
  • Adjust your setup to a comfortable viewing position and distance.
  • Engage your body through stretches, doodling or walking around while on calls.
  • Stay hydrated and eat nourishing snacks to maintain energy.

Setting Boundaries

Establish boundaries around your availability for calls outside of designated work hours. Protect time before and after meetings for yourself. Say no to unnecessary video meetings when a phone call will suffice.

Self-Care After Video Calls

Check in with how your body feels after long calls. Do some deep breathing, take a short walk or practice mindfulness. Avoid scheduling back-to-back video meetings whenever possible.


How long should a zoom call last?

Aim to limit video calls to 30-45 minutes at a time. For longer discussions, schedule regular short breaks to minimize fatigue.

How can I stay focused during long meetings?

Minimize external distractions, take notes, engage in discussion, and move your body gently like stretching periodically to help concentration.

Why do zoom calls cause more fatigue than phone calls?

The prolonged eye contact, face-to-face interaction, watching yourself and interpreting non-verbal cues overload cognitive capacity and can feel unnatural or stressful.

How close should I sit to the camera during meetings?

Position your camera at eye level about an arm’s length away to simulate natural conversation. Avoid sitting too close which can feel uncomfortable.

What can I do before a video call to be more energized?

Eat a nourishing snack, stay hydrated, listen to uplifting music, do some deep breathing or take a quick walk to boost your energy before hopping on video.