How to Really Help an Injured Friend

How to Really Help an Injured Friend

Be Present

When a friend is injured, one of the most helpful things you can do is simply be present with them. Sit with them, listen to them, and let them know you care. Your presence and emotional support can make a big difference during their recovery.

Help Out With Tasks

Consider ways you can help out with daily tasks and chores while your friend is recovering. Offer to cook meals, walk their dog, drive them to appointments, pick up prescriptions, or assist with household tasks. Taking some practical burdens off their plate allows them to focus on healing.

Provide Entertainment and Distraction

Look for small ways to entertain your injured friend and provide positive distractions from pain or boredom during recovery. Bring by books, movies, or music they enjoy. Play games together or find uplifting shows to binge watch. Laughter and mental distraction can boost healing.

Coordinate Support From Others

Talk to other friends and family members about setting up a support schedule for your injured friend. Coordinate who can help with meals, rides, childcare, errands etc on certain days. Having reliable help lined up prevents them from over-exerting themselves.


How long should you stay when visiting an injured friend?

When visiting an injured friend, gauge their energy level and stay only as long as seems helpful, typically 1 hour or less. Short frequent visits prevent over-taxing them.

What are good entertainment gifts for an injured friend?

Great entertainment gifts for an injured friend include cozy blankets, positive books or magazines, uplifting movies, adult coloring books and pens, portable games, gift cards for streaming services, headphones, and photo albums.

What food is most helpful to bring an injured friend?

Helpful foods to bring an injured friend while recovering include soups, stews, casseroles, and other freezer-friendly meals they can easily reheat. Bring nutrient dense whole food meals that support healing.

How can you coordinate childcare help for an injured friend?

To coordinate childcare help, make a shared online calendar for friends and family to sign up to help with transportation, supervising activities and meals, or having the kids over for sleepovers. Making it a shared process prevents caretaker fatigue.

When should you suggest professional support for an injured friend?

If your injured friend seems withdrawn, hopeless, angry, or grieving for longer than 2 weeks, gently suggest speaking to a counselor or joining a support group. Additional emotional support during recovery can be very healing.