How to Self-Install Cornrow Box Braids Without Breaking the Bank

How to Self-Install Cornrow Box Braids Without Breaking the Bank

The Benefits of Box Braids

Box braids can be a fun, protective, and cost effective hairstyle for women and girls of all ages. When properly installed, braids give hair a chance to grow long and healthy by preventing breakage from daily styling and environmental damage.

How to Section Hair Properly

Proper sectioning creates the foundation for neat, uniform braids. Work in rectangular parts rather than random sections for the most seamless look. Keep parts clean and defined as you work.

Choosing High Quality Hair

Invest in quality synthetic braiding hair rather than low-end packs. Higher grades are softer, more lustrous, and less prone to tangling which helps braids last longer. Divide hair evenly into portions before installing.

Secure Cornrow Braid Base

Creating uniform, straight cornrows braids before installing box braids allows them to last longer and look tidy. Avoid braiding too tightly at the scalp to prevent excessive tension.

DIY Installation Techniques

Look up video tutorials demonstrating proper box braid installation techniques. Work to keep braids the same size. Maintain tidy, tight edges as you near completion for a polished finish.

Caring for Braids

Gently wash braids 1-2 times per week, using diluted shampoo and focusing on the scalp. Apply moisturizer along the length of braids to keep hair healthy, especially at night. Cover with a scarf when sleeping.

When to Take Down

Most box braids last 6-8 weeks before needing to be redone. Do not leave braids in longer than 10 weeks maximum to avoid excessive matting when taking down. Use braid spray when taking down old braids.


How long do self-installed box braids last?

Self-installed box braids typically last 4-6 weeks if properly cared for.

What is the best hair for box braids?

For longevity and neat appearance, 100% kanekalon synthetic braiding hair is best.

Should I braid my own hair under box braids?

It’s ideal to create neat cornrow braids under box braids rather than leaving hair loose.

How tight should I braid my edges?

Avoid pulling edges too taut. Secure edges just tight enough to keep them looking tidy as braids age.

Can I reuse box braid hair?

Synthetic hair can often be reused 1-2 times if gently washed, conditioned, and air dried after taking down old braids before re-installing.