How to Use Manifestation to Achieve Your Goals, According to Lauren Ash

How to Use Manifestation to Achieve Your Goals, According to Lauren Ash

Understanding Manifestation

Manifestation is the belief that focusing your thoughts on your desired outcomes can help make them a reality. Actor and life coach Lauren Ash teaches manifestation strategies to help people achieve their personal and professional goals.

Lauren Ash’s Background

Before becoming a manifestation coach, Lauren Ash was best known for acting roles on popular TV shows like Superstore and Life in Pieces. She became interested in personal development practices like meditation, visualization, and journaling. These tools helped her manifest her acting career, leading her to share what she learned with others.

How to Manifest – Lauren’s Top Tips

  • Get clear on your desires and believe they can happen
  • Visualize your desired outcome vividly and feel the emotions
  • Take aligned actions and watch for synchronicities
  • Express gratitude regularly to attract more of what you want
  • Let go and avoid overanalyzing or forcing outcomes

The Role of Mindset

According to Lauren, mindset is crucial for successful manifestation. Limiting beliefs about what you can achieve will hold you back. Having unwavering faith in your abilities to create your vision is key.

Recommended Practices

Some of Lauren’s favorite manifestation methods include:

  • Journaling to clarify goals and release negativity
  • Daily visualization sessions to deepen your connection to your desires
  • Gratitude affirmations and exercises to cultivate abundance
  • Aligning actions, relationships, and environments with desired outcomes


What exactly is manifestation?

Manifestation is using mental focus and spiritual principles to align your thoughts, actions, and energy to attract your desired outcomes.

How long does manifestation take to work?

There’s no set timeline. Stay patient, persistent, and purposeful. Detach from rigid expectations, go with the flow.

Can I manifest anything I want?

You can manifest possibilities that resonate with your core being. Trying to force something not meant for you can backfire.

What if I manifest something and then change my mind?

You can always adjust your manifestation process. Just pivot to your new vision with clarity and commitment.

What if my manifestations don’t come true?

Look within to identify and address any blocks stopping you from achieving your goals through manifestation.