Hygge Home

Hygge Home

Hygge, the Danish concept of coziness and comfort, has become popular worldwide. Incorporating hygge into your home decor and lifestyle can bring more joy and serenity into your daily life.

What is Hygge?

Hygge emphasizes creating a warm, welcoming, and harmonious environment. It’s about surrounding yourself with things that nourish your soul – from fuzzy blankets to candles that fill your home with calming scents. At its core, hygge is about being fully present and finding happiness in the simple pleasures of everyday life.

Tips for a More Hygge Home

Here are some ideas to infuse hygge into your living space:

  • Incorporate natural elements like houseplants, flowers, wood accents
  • Use textiles like wool blankets, cashmere throws
  • Add soft lighting from lamps, fairy lights, candles
  • Display family photos and sentimental items
  • Create cozy spaces for bonding with loved ones
  • Cook and bake comforting, homemade foods
  • Spend time doing relaxing activities like reading, knitting, journaling
  • Play calm music and minimize outside noise

The Hygge Lifestyle

Hygge is more than just home decor – it’s a lifestyle. Here are tips for living life in a more hygge way:

  • Slow down and be present each day
  • Savor a warm cup of tea or cocoa
  • Curl up under a blanket with a good book
  • Light candles during meals or baths
  • Spend quality time with loved ones
  • Unplug from technology frequently
  • Indulge in favorite comfort foods
  • Soak in the simple joys life has to offer

Benefits of Hygge

Cultivating hygge in your life has many benefits including:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Increased happiness and life satisfaction
  • Stronger social connections and family bonding
  • Promotion of mindfulness and being present
  • Overall greater sense of well-being

Getting Started with Hygge

Begin bringing more hygge into your days with these simple steps:

  1. Identify hygge-supporting changes to make in your home environment
  2. Incorporate hygge elements like soft lighting, textiles, and calming scents
  3. Slow down and make time for simple pleasures each day
  4. Spend meaningful time with loved ones
  5. Unplug regularly from phones/devices to be present
  6. Indulge your senses with comforting foods and activities
  7. Practice gratitude by appreciating life’s small joys


What colors represent hygge?

Earthy, natural tones like cream, grey, brown and green embody the hygge lifestyle. Soft pastels also evoke feelings of comfort and serenity.

Should I get rid of clutter for more hygge?

Yes, decluttering creates a calming environment and can enhance feelings of coziness in your home. Display a curated collection of meaningful items.

How do I make my home smell more hygge?

Candles, essential oils, potpourri, and fresh flowers infuse your home with soothing, natural scents. Bake comforting treats for appetizing aromas.

What fabrics say hygge?

Natural fabrics like cotton, wool, cashmere, silk and linen have a hygge vibe. Incorporate them through bedding, throws, pillows and other textiles.

Should I play music to feel more hygge?

Yes, calm background music like soft jazz, classical and acoustic supports relaxation. Avoid loud, distracting music which disrupts hygge’s peaceful atmosphere.