I did slider workouts for a week—here’s why they’re great for beginners

I did slider workouts for a week—here’s why they’re great for beginners

Finding Joy in Movement

As a beginner to fitness, I wanted to try a new workout that would be gentle on my body yet still provide a good challenge. Slider workouts caught my interest because they involve gliding discs that reduce impact while working your core muscles in fun new ways.

Over the course of a week doing 20-30 minute slider workouts, I discovered firsthand how slider training can benefit beginners. The discs help you maintain proper form as you twist, push and pull your body across the floor. The instability forces you to engage muscles that you might not target in other workouts. I felt my core activate with each movement!

Building a Strong Foundation

The sliders allow you to start from the ground up, quite literally! Many of the basic moves involve kneeling, sitting or lying on the discs as you contract your abs to maneuver across the floor. This foundation strengthens your core and sets you up for more advanced exercises down the road.

Yet you can still get an excellent workout as a slider newbie. I was amazed that even basic knee tucks and pikes raised my heart rate. Adding reps builds endurance over time. I know with consistency my fitness level will continue to improve.

Customizing Your Practice

One thing I appreciated about slider workouts was all the modification options. When a certain exercise felt too intense, my trainer showed me how to reduce the range of motion or remove the discs to decrease resistance.

Conversely, there were always ways to make movements more challenging when I wanted more intensity. Adding sliders under both feet versus just one amped up certain lunges and squats. There are endless ways to play around with slides to match your fitness level.

Cultivating Mind-Body Awareness

Beyond physical benefits, I found slider training wonderful for cultivating mind-body awareness and presence. Having to coordinate my limbs on slippery surfaces forced me to tune into proprioceptive cues. I had to concentrate to maintain control and proper alignment.

This built core awareness that I can apply to all areas of fitness and life. Slider workouts train us to stay grounded even when the path forward seems unstable. With practice, we learn how to flow with change.


What are slider workouts?

Slider workouts involve special gliding discs that allow your body to slide across the floor as you perform various core exercises. The instability forces you to engage your core muscles more to maintain proper form.

Who can benefit from them?

Slider workouts are great for all fitness levels, but particularly beginners. The discs provide support to protect joints while allowing you to work within a comfortable range of motion. The workouts can be easily customized to your current ability.

What muscles do they target?

Primarily the core, including rectus abdominis, obliques, hip flexors, glutes and lower back. But many slides also target the chest, shoulders and leg muscles. Expect a full body burn!

Can sliders improve mind-body awareness?

Yes! Having to stabilize on the gliding discs forces you to tune into proprioceptive cues from muscles and joints. This trains core awareness that applies to all areas of fitness and life.

Are sliders safe for beginners?

Absolutely! The discs provide extra cushioning to support joints. And there are always modification options to reduce intensity. Many basic slider moves are low impact yet highly effective for beginner core training.