I Flew Halfway Around The World For This Magical Healing Treatment

I Flew Halfway Around The World For This Magical Healing Treatment

When I decided to embark on a journey to learn an ancient Tibetan healing technique, I didn’t fully comprehend how profoundly it would impact my life. As I boarded the plane halfway across the world, I carried with me an open and curious mind along with a longing to find greater meaning and purpose.

Discovering a Lost Lineage of Healers

High up in the Himalayas, I connected with a group of nomadic healers that claim lineage from Tibetan monks who fled persecution generations prior. They welcomed me warmly into their community and way of life. Each day we sat together sipping butter tea or watching the yaks graze as they shared their wisdom that has been passed down from teacher to student for centuries.

Learning the Basics of This Ancient Practice

The cornerstone of their healing tradition centers around carefully guiding energy throughout the body along meridian lines to release blockages and restore flow. Their movements seemed almost dancelike as they demonstrated proper techniques for me to mimic until I could proficiently practice on my own.

Experiencing Transformation Firsthand

When it came time for my first treatment, I laid still upon the earth as the healer scanned my aura and assessed my energy. With precision and care he cleared stagnant areas and brought light to spaces that had felt heavy for far too long. I wept in awe and gratitude from the boundless compassion I felt emanating from his gifts.

Carrying the Lessons Back Home

The weeks I spent immersed in their world taught me much about resilience, faith, and the intrinsic power we all hold within. As I waved goodbye to my teachers, I carried forward all they imparted about healing ourselves and uplifting each other – gifts more precious than any destination.


What is this ancient Tibetan healing technique?

This healing technique involves guiding energy through meridian lines in the body using precise movements to release energy blockages and restore flow. It originated centuries ago among Tibetan monks and has been passed down through lineages of healers.

Where did you travel to learn this technique?

I traveled high up into the Himalayas to connect with a group of nomadic healers that claim lineage from Tibetan monks who fled persecution long ago. They continue ancient traditions passed down through generations.

What makes this healing tradition unique?

It takes great precision, care, and sensitivity to properly scan a person’s aura, assess their energy flow, and know where to clear stagnation. This tradition focuses on boundless compassion and remembering the light within all people.

How did this experience transform you?

Learning beside my teachers, I gained deeper understanding of resilience as well as the intrinsic power we hold within. I returned home with gifts to uplift myself and others by carrying lessons of faith and healing forward.

Would you recommend others travel for this?

Absolutely, it profoundly expanded my mind and heart. However, the deepest lessons center less around the destination and more around carrying compassion forward wherever we go. We can uplift each other if we approach life this way.