I Tried Lastics, the Cool Tempo-Based Stretching Studio in Tribeca

I Tried Lastics, the Cool Tempo-Based Stretching Studio in Tribeca

Discovering a New Way to Stretch

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Lastics, a unique stretching studio in Tribeca that takes a whole new approach to flexibility training. As someone who sits at a desk most days and often feels tight, I was intrigued by their tempo-based method that aims to lengthen muscles and increase range of motion.

Arriving For My First Class

When I walked into the airy, plant-filled studio, soft music was playing and the smell of lavender filled the air. The instructor greeted me with a smile and I immediately felt at ease. They explained that we would be moving through sequences of stretches in time with a guiding tempo.

Warming Up With Care

We started with some gentle movements to get the blood flowing. I appreciated how we eased into each stretch, focusing on alignment and technique rather than pushing too hard. The instructor provided individual guidance when needed to help students find the right position.

Stretching in Sync

Once warmed up, we began the main tempo-based stretching sequences. They expertly guided us to move in and out of stretches in time with the music. I was amazed by how gently elongating my muscles for longer periods made me feel lengthier and more expansive after just one class.

Winding Down Mindfully

To close, we held some long-held restorative stretches. As I melted into a supported forward fold, I felt tension drain from my shoulders and back. The final relaxation left me feeling balanced and spacious.