Inside Bandier’s Chic New Boutique That Rivals Lululemon

Inside Bandier’s Chic New Boutique That Rivals Lululemon

Inside Bandier’s Boutique: A New Beginning

Bandier’s new boutique offers a fresh take on activewear shopping. Stepping inside, customers are met with sleek yet warm interiors and the latest athleisure apparel trends. But beyond the physical space, Bandier aims to cultivate a community centered around wellness, empowerment and living actively.

Focusing on Mind, Body and Spirit

Bandier wants customers to feel their best from head to toe. That’s why the product selection spans cute workout sets, supportive sports bras, and stylish sweats made of innovative fabrics. The hope is that people will be inspired to stay active when they feel good in what they’re wearing.

But Bandier also believes wellness extends beyond the physical. That’s why the boutique hosts regular events focused on holistic health, from meditation sessions to nutritious food demos. They want their community to pursue balance and self-care through mindfulness, clean eating, and of course, movement.

Building a Supportive Community

Bandier aims to unite people around living well. Shoppers are encouraged to attend the boutique’s events to connect with others while learning something new about wellness.

There’s also a strong focus on women supporting women. The staff strives to boost confidence through sincere compliments, outfit suggestions and guidance to find pieces that make each customer feel their best.

Giving Back to Non-Profits

In the spirit of community, Bandier partners with organizations focused on health outreach and female empowerment. A portion of sales goes towards funding programs that align with Bandier’s mission of helping women live active, balanced lives.


What kinds of products does Bandier offer?

Bandier carries stylish activewear like leggings, sports bras, tops and outerwear from premium brands. They also offer athleisure apparel like joggers, sweats and tanks for lounge and lifestyle wear.

Does the boutique offer fitness classes?

Yes! Bandier hosts regular complimentary fitness events like yoga, barre and high intensity interval training classes in their chic boutique space.

What kinds of wellness events do they host?

Along with fitness classes, Bandier holds meditation sessions, nutritious food demonstrations, holistic health workshops and more. The focus is on balancing mind, body and spirit.

What non-profits does Bandier support?

Bandier partners with organizations that provide health services and support female empowerment initiatives, donating a portion of sales to related programs and outreach.

Do they offer personal styling services?

Yes, Bandier’s staff is available to provide 1-on-1 wardrobe styling. Customers can book appointments to get outfit suggestions and advice on finding pieces that fit their lifestyle and make them feel confident.