Know Your Worth

Know Your Worth

Always Know Your Self-Worth

It can be easy to doubt ourselves or feel unsure of our value. However, everyone deserves to have a healthy sense of self-worth. Knowing your worth means accepting that you matter regardless of your status or success. True value comes from within.

Focus on Compassion

Treat yourself with compassion. Be kind to your flaws and failures, as you would a good friend. Self-compassion helps us better understand our limits and potential. With care for ourselves, we can extend more compassion to others.

Practice Self-Care

Make time for reflection and activities that nourish your mind, body and soul. Getting adequate rest, healthy food and physical activity helps maintain wellbeing. Don’t neglect emotional needs either. Seek support and find ways to reduce stress when you feel overwhelmed.

Embrace Personal Growth

Learning and growth help us reach our potential, but it’s not about chasing perfection. Progress takes patience with ourselves and our limitations. Focus on fulfillment over arbitrary measures of success. What really matters is your health, relationships and personal fulfillment.

Remember Your Humanity

Life has ups and downs for us all. Give yourself permission to make mistakes and honor your feelings. Perfection isn’t possible or healthy to pursue. Listen to your needs with understanding and care. You have inherent value beyond your roles and responsibilities.


Why is self-worth important?

Healthy self-worth provides emotional stability and the confidence to pursue fulfillment. Knowing your value protects against poor decisions seeking validation.

How do I build my sense of self-worth?

Self-worth grows by showing yourself compassion, embracing growth and self-care, and focusing less on the approval of others. Comparison and perfectionism undermine self-worth.

What are signs of low self-worth?

Signs include harsh self-criticism, difficulty accepting compliments, perfectionism, people-pleasing, isolation, and allowing poor treatment from others.

How can I help someone with low self-worth?

Offer compassion, avoid criticism, highlight their strengths, and remind them of their inherent value. Therapy can also help them overcome past trauma or conditioning.

What practices boost self-worth?

Journaling, positive affirmations, nurturing hobbies, reflecting on accomplishments, surrounding yourself with supportive people, and taking care of your needs all help develop self-worth.