Make the Most Out of Your Day

Make the Most Out of Your Day

Start your day with intention

Rather than diving into emails or chores first thing, take some time to set an intention for the day. What is one goal or feeling you’d like to cultivate? Setting this intention grounds you and provides a guiding light.

Be present throughout your activities

As you go about your day, bring awareness to each activity. Notice the sensations in your body, the thoughts in your mind, and any emotions that arise. This presence helps you fully live each moment.

Nurture yourself with healthy food and movement

Make time for nutritious meals, snacks full of whole foods, and gentle movement like walking, yoga, or stretching. Caring for your body boosts energy and wellbeing.

Connect meaningfully with others

Interact with people in your life deliberately and wholeheartedly. Have vulnerable conversations, actively listen without judging, and share compassion.

Do things that nourish your soul

Make space for meaningful activities like journaling, creating art, spending time in nature, or any hobby that replenishes you. This nourishment is vital.


What is one simple way to set an intention?

Take a quiet moment to ask yourself how you would like to feel today. Choose a one word intention like “grateful”, “patient” or “focused”.

How can I be more present throughout the day?

Check-in periodically about what you are doing, feeling and thinking. Pause before reacting if you become overwhelmed.

What are examples of self-nourishment?

Taking a walk outdoors, writing in a journal, painting, playing an instrument, gardening, meditating and doing yoga are all deeply nourishing activities.

How can I connect more meaningfully with people?

Give your full attention when listening and speaking. Ask thoughtful questions, make eye contact, offer empathy about their experiences.

Why is it important to nourish the soul?

Engaging in meaningful hobbies and passions outside of work rejuvenates our spirits. It brings more lightness, joy and purpose into our lives.