Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET): Using Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET): Using Motivational Interviewing

Helping Others Find Motivation and Meaning

Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) is an evidence-based counseling approach that helps individuals tap into their own internal motivation and values to make positive changes. Rather than telling people what goals they should have, MET takes an empowering stance – the counselor acts as a supportive guide to help others explore their own reasons for change.

Exploring Motivation with Compassion

The MET counselor cultivates compassion, emotional support, and nonjudgment as they help clients reflect on their situation. Questions are asked in an open-ended way, inviting the person to share their unique perspective without pressure. The counselor actively listens, seeking to understand the client’s inner experience.

Evoking Inner Wisdom

Through collaborative discussion, the client is guided to identify their own motivations, values, and vision to make meaningful changes aligned with purpose. Rather than imposing external ideas, MET draws out inner wisdom – empowering clients’ self-determined reasons for growth.

Building Self-Efficacy with Encouragement

As clients tap into motivations, the counselor offers encouragement to build self-efficacy and confidence to make changes. Small, realistic goals are set, and the counselor celebrates incremental successes. Clients are empowered to see they can make changes, with compassion along the way.

Ongoing Support for Lasting Growth

MET takes a big picture perspective – exploring life values and cultivating internal motivations allows for meaningful, sustainable change. By evoking inner wisdom for growth, people can continue making self-directed positive changes long after counseling ends.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Motivational Enhancement Therapy?

Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) is a counseling approach that helps clients explore their own motivations and values to facilitate positive change. The counselor acts as a supportive guide.

How does MET work?

MET works by the counselor compassionately listening and asking open-ended questions to evoke the client’s internal motivations, values and vision. Change comes from within, not imposed externally.

What techniques does a MET counselor use?

Key techniques include reflective listening, asking open questions, affirming strengths & efforts, supporting self-efficacy, eliciting change talk and commitment language, and guiding client to set incremental goals.

What issues can MET address?

MET has been used effectively to address addiction issues, health behavior change, medication compliance, mental health issues, career development, and life transitions that require increased motivation and self-efficacy.

How long do MET sessions last?

MET sessions often last 30-60 minutes. The number of sessions varies based on client needs – brief or ongoing counseling may be helpful to sustain motivation.