My Five Beauty Obsessions: Cindy Joseph

My Five Beauty Obsessions: Cindy Joseph


Cindy Joseph is a successful 70-year-old model who shows that beauty has no age limit. Her inspiring story and beauty tips have empowered many women to embrace their natural beauty.

Early Life

Cindy grew up loving fashion and beauty. She started modeling in her teens and continued into adulthood while also pursuing other careers in art and design. She took a break from modeling to raise her family but never lost her passion for beauty.</

Rediscovering Modeling

At the age of 48, Cindy returned to modeling when a photographer spotted her in a supermarket. She was surprised but thrilled to be modeling again and embraced this second chance at the career she loved.

Becoming an Inspiration

As Cindy continued modeling into her 60s and 70s, she gained international media attention as one of the oldest professional models in the industry. She caught the eye of a global haircare brand that featured her in advertisements, making her an inspirational icon of aging gracefully.

Beauty Philosophy

Cindy believes that true beauty comes from within and that people can look gorgeous at any age. Her approach focuses more on self-care and a healthy lifestyle rather than extensive anti-aging treatments. She aims to shift outdated societal perceptions about beauty and aging.


What are Cindy Joseph’s top 5 beauty tips?

  • Get enough sleep and manage stress
  • Eat a balanced, nutritious diet
  • Exercise regularly
  • Take care of your skin by keeping it clean and moisturized
  • Have a positive self-image focused on inner beauty

What does Cindy think about extensive anti-aging treatments?

Cindy believes less is more when it comes to anti-aging treatments. She focuses on healthy lifestyle choices rather than turning to botox, fillers or surgery.At what age did Cindy’s modeling career take off again?

Cindy returned to modeling at age 48 after being spotted by a photographer in a supermarket. This second chance kickstarted her career once again.What haircare brand featured Cindy in advertisements?

Olay featured Cindy in advertisements for their haircare and skincare products. This global brand helped make her an inspirational icon.What is Cindy’s approach to shifting perceptions of beauty and aging?

Cindy aims to change outdated societal perceptions that beauty fades with age. Through her modeling and interviews, she spreads her message that true beauty comes from within and people can look gorgeous at any age.