My Perfect Summer Vacation: Sadie Lincoln Shares Her Fitness, Food, and Travel Tips

My Perfect Summer Vacation: Sadie Lincoln Shares Her Fitness, Food, and Travel Tips

I strive to live my life with compassion and promote wellbeing. This summer, I plan to enjoy fitness activities, nourishing food, and meaningful travel that lift up those around me.

Morning Yoga Practice

I will start my days with yoga to center my mind and strengthen my body. This daily ritual reminds me to have patience and loving kindness.

Plant-Based Picnics

Sharing healthy, seasonal food outdoors with friends and family fosters community. Conversations over nutritious meals allow us to understand one another.

Hiking Local Trails

Exploring nature provides perspective and reduces stress. Appreciating the beauty around us motivates us to protect our shared planet.

Volunteering While Traveling

Giving back creates connection. I hope to volunteer with local organizations focused on education, sustainability, or hunger relief wherever I visit this summer.

Cultural Events

Immersing myself in local music, dance, art, or theater links me to universal human experiences across differences.


What is your favorite morning yoga pose?Tree pose, which represents finding balance and being rooted.What makes the perfect plant-based picnic?Fresh, colorful fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, and spiralized veggie noodles make easy, tasty options.Where do you like to hike near home?I enjoy wooded trails along the river for shady, peaceful walks and observing wildlife.How can travelers volunteer ethically?Research local organizations addressing community needs and listen to their goals. Be open and respect differences.What type of cultural event do you most look forward to?I love attending musical performances to appreciate diverse instruments, rhythms, and vocals.