NYC’s Best New Superfood Cocktails

NYC’s Best New Superfood Cocktails

Exploring Healthy Cocktail Options in NYC

New York City is home to a vibrant dining scene with world-class restaurants and bars. In recent years, many establishments have started offering superfood cocktail options made with nutritious ingredients like fresh juices, herbs, spices and superfoods.

These nutritious cocktails allow you to enjoy a sophisticated drink while supporting your health and wellness goals. They provide antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other beneficial plant compounds. When made with care using real, whole ingredients, cocktails can be just as wholesome as a fresh salad or smoothie.

Benefits of Superfood Cocktails

Superfood cocktails have many potential benefits, including:

  • Get a serving of fruits and vegetables
  • Increase intake of antioxidants
  • Support energy, immunity and vitality
  • Aid digestion and gut health
  • Hydrate with water and electrolytes

5 Nutritious Ingredients Used in Superfood Cocktails

Many bars and restaurants are crafting cocktails with wholesome superfoods like:

  1. Fresh cold-pressed juices: Vegetable and fruit juices retain important vitamins and plant compounds unlike traditional heat-processed juices.
  2. Herbs: Herbs such as basil, cilantro and mint provide antioxidants such as flavonoids and polyphenols.
  3. Spices: Anti-inflammatory spices like turmeric, cinnamon and ginger add warmth and bioactive properties.
  4. Nut milks: Non-dairy milks such as almond and coconut lend creaminess plus vitamins and minerals.
  5. Teas: Green, black or herbal teas confer various evidence-backed health benefits.

5 of NYC’s Best Superfood Cocktail Bars

You can find nutritious cocktail options at these top NYC hotspots:

  1. Black Barn Restaurant: This Manhattan eatery offers cocktails like Ginger Snap made with rum, ginger, turmeric, black pepper and lime.
  2. Hu Kitchen: This fast-casual mini-chain crafts drinks like the Golden Mylk featuring almond milk, turmeric, coconut nectar and black pepper.
  3. The Tonic Bar: This vibrant juice bar serves up cocktails like Grapeful Made featuring vodka, grapefruit juice, rosemary and activated charcoal.
  4. The Springs: This Brooklyn holistic cafe mixes up Bright Eyed with tequila, pineapple juice, coconut water, ginger and lemon.
  5. The Alley Cat: This cozy downtown lounge offers Morning Glory made with rum, cold brew coffee, almond milk and maple.

5 Superfood Cocktail FAQs

Q: Are superfood cocktails healthier than regular cocktails?

A: Yes, superfood cocktails made properly with real ingredients like fresh produce, herbs and spices can provide important nutrients. They skip sugary mixes and artificial ingredients found in many traditional cocktails.

Q: Can superfood cocktails help me lose weight?

A: While no drink inherently causes weight loss, superfood cocktails provide nutrients and antioxidants from real foods that may support a healthy lifestyle and weight management program.

Q: How are superfood cocktails made?

A: Superfood cocktails feature nutritious ingredients like fresh vegetable and fruit juices, herbs, spices, nut milks and teas. They skip syrupy mixes and artificial additives.

Q: What’s a popular superfood cocktail recipe?

A: A popular recipe is the Golden Mylk made with almond milk, turmeric, coconut nectar, black pepper and alcohol of choice. The anti-inflammatory turmeric pairs nicely with creamy nut milk.

Q: Where can I find superfood cocktails in NYC?

A: Many health-focused restaurants and juice bars like Hu Kitchen, Black Barn, The Tonic Bar and The Springs offer tasty superfood cocktails made with wholesome ingredients.