Owning Who You Are

Owning Who You Are

Life has a way of shaping us in ways we don’t expect. We all have parts of ourselves that we try to hide or change because we feel others won’t accept us. But the truth is – the only acceptance that matters is self-acceptance.

Stop Comparing Yourself

It’s so easy to look at others and think they have it all figured out while we don’t measure up. But behind the highlight reels we see on social media are real people dealing with the same kind of struggles. Comparing your inner world to someone else’s outer portrayal isn’t realistic or fair.

Embrace Your Quirks

Maybe you have some hobbies or interests that seem a little out there. Or perhaps your personality doesn’t fit the mold of what society deems as “normal.” But our differences are what make life interesting! The right people will appreciate you for who you authentically are.

Forgive Your Past Self

We’ve all made mistakes and choices we regret. Beating yourself up over the past helps no one. Make peace through self-forgiveness. All you can do is commit to making wiser choices starting now.

Practice Self-Care

Take time for activities that nourish your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. You are worthy of care and compassion. As you build this muscle, self-love will bloom.

Find Your People

Seek out communities where you feel accepted, supported, and understood. Surround yourself with people who celebrate the real you. Their positive regard will reinforce your own.


What does “owning yourself” really mean?

Owning yourself means embracing all aspects of who you are – strengths, quirks, interests, values, flaws and all. It’s being authentically you without apology or shame.

Why is self-acceptance so important?

Self-acceptance provides a solid foundation for good mental health, relationships, decision-making and more. When you accept yourself, you can better accept others too.

How can I be more self-accepting?

It takes practice! Try self-care, surround yourself with supportive communities, forgive yourself for past mistakes, and focus on developing unconditional compassion for who you are.

What happens when we reject parts of ourselves?

We expend a lot of mental energy trying to hide those parts of us. This causes stress and takes away from living freely. Embrace all aspects to live authentically.

How do I stop comparing myself to others?

Remember that what you see online is a filtered view. Focus instead on your growth and blessings. Each person’s path is unique – comparison is neither necessary nor wise.