Peanut Butter Yoga 2

Peanut Butter Yoga 2

Peanut Butter Yoga 2 is an inviting continuation of the popular beginner’s yoga program. With compassionate guidance, the course helps students deepen their practice while nurturing body, mind and spirit.

Finding Steady Ground

The journey begins where we stand. Peanut Butter Yoga 2 coaches students to feel embodied and grounded, planting the feet with intention before flowing through sequences. There is no rush, no push past gentle edges. This patience allows space for self-care and self-acceptance.

Breathing Into Softness

In each posture, attention is drawn back to the breath. Smooth, full inhales and long exhales relax the nervous system. Anchored by breath and bodily sensations, students find respite from busy minds. Peace blossoms through stillness cultivated on the mat.

Strengthening With Care

While Peanut Butter Yoga 2 builds endurance and flexibility, the practice maintains a reverence for bodily limits. Rather than strain towards advanced poses, students are encouraged to move within a range that feels good in the present moment. This organic unfolding prevents injury while progressively toning the frame.

The Heart’s Wisdom

Beyond physical demands, this course emphasizes yoga’s capacity to open the heart. As defensive layers fall away through gentle postures and breathwork, students connect more deeply with innate goodness. By turning within, they find compassion for self and others flow more freely.

Flowing Forward with Ease

Peanut Butter Yoga 2 does not rigidly adhere to perfectionistic goals. There is no single vision of what a yogi “should” look like. Instead, students progress on their own terms, supported by mindful sequencing. An easeful surrender to each posture, coupled with patience, allows the practice to blossom organically from within.


What is Peanut Butter Yoga 2?

Peanut Butter Yoga 2 is a beginner-friendly yoga course focused on gently building endurance, flexibility and mind-body awareness. Students deepen their practice with care and compassion.

Who leads the Peanut Butter Yoga 2 course?

The course is led by experienced yoga instructor Jen Lewis, E-RYT 500. Jen specializes in accessible, trauma-informed yoga grounded in mindfulness and self-acceptance.

How long are the Peanut Butter Yoga 2 classes?

Each pre-recorded Peanut Butter Yoga 2 class runs 60 minutes. The full course includes 24 classes to do at your own pace along with supplemental materials.

What level is Peanut Butter Yoga 2 appropriate for?

Peanut Butter Yoga 2 welcomes both beginner and continuing students. The mindful flows meet you where you are, with options to gently build endurance over time without pressure.

What do I need to take Peanut Butter Yoga 2?

All you need is an open heart! For the physical practice, wear comfortable clothes and have a yoga mat if possible. Props like blocks or straps can be helpful but are optional.