Planning a Minimalist Wedding

Planning a Minimalist Wedding

The Joys of Simplicity

There is a growing trend towards minimalism in weddings these days. Rather than focusing on materialism, couples are choosing to center their ceremonies around deeper emotional connections. This allows their unique love to take the spotlight while they commit to each other.

Focusing on What Matters

A minimalist wedding is ultimately about prioritizing the essentials – your vows, your love, your community. The decorations, fancy food, and other frills fall away so that you and your partner can truly cherish the sacred union you are entering into.

Embracing Sustainability

With less consumption comes less waste. Minimalist weddings tend to be better for the environment with their reduced use of single-use plastics, fresh flowers flown from afar, extra lighting, and other resource-heavy choices. You can feel good about keeping your ecological footprint small.

Honoring Your Values

Perhaps simplicity helps reflect beliefs like living lightly, focusing on experiences over things, or spending money thoughtfully and charitably. A minimalist wedding allows you to start your marriage in alignment with deeply held convictions.

Lowering Stress

There are fewer decisions to make, details to track, and expectations to meet with a pared down celebration. Rather than feeling overwhelmed by spreadsheets and endless choices, you can relax into the meaning behind your wedding.


What are some ideas for a minimalist wedding ceremony?

Focus on simple, heartfelt vows; natural beauty for decor rather than elaborate florals; and personal music choices over lavish entertainment. The ceremony is about the two of you committing to each other in front of loved ones.

What does a minimalist wedding dress look like?

Anything from an unfussy white summer dress to an elegantly simple column gown can make a wonderful minimalist wedding dress. Some brides even opt to wear a dress they already own rather than buying something new. Choose what makes you feel the most like yourself.

How do you save money with a minimalist wedding?

Having fewer frills, a smaller guest list, a potluck reception, and eliminating elements like huge tiered cakes, limos, and abundant fresh blooms help substantially reduce wedding costs.

What are minimalist wedding decor ideas?

Some lovely options include string lights, luminaries, greenery without cut flowers, candles, fairylights, and decor you can repurpose from what you already own. The venue itself can shine when not competing with lavish decor.

Where are good places to have a minimalist wedding?

At home, in a park, on a mountaintop, on the beach, in a campground, at a summer camp, at an unfussy restaurant with an intimate back patio, or at a friend or family member’s scenic property are all wonderful minimalist wedding venue ideas.