Schema Therapy Worksheets: Definition, Samples & PDFs

Schema Therapy Worksheets: Definition, Samples & PDFs

What are Schema Therapy Worksheets?

Schema therapy worksheets are exercises and activities used in schema therapy, a type of psychotherapy, to help identify and challenge unhealthy schemas or life traps. Schemas are deeply held beliefs and patterns people develop, often in childhood, that shape how they see themselves and others.

Schema therapy uses cognitive, behavioral, psychodynamic, and attachment-based techniques to modify schemas and promote positive change. Worksheets are used in and outside of therapy sessions to reinforce learning.

Benefits of Using Schema Therapy Worksheets

Schema therapy worksheets provide many benefits, including helping clients to:

  • Identify negative schemas they have developed
  • Challenge problematic beliefs and behaviors
  • Develop healthier perspectives and coping strategies
  • Reinforce and apply concepts covered in therapy
  • Gain insight into their own patterns of thinking and relating

Completing worksheets encourages self-reflection between sessions and empowers clients to take an active role in their healing process.

Common Schema Therapy Worksheets

Some commonly used schema therapy worksheets include:

Schemas Over Timeline Worksheet

Helps identify early childhood experiences that contributed to schema development

Schema Diary

Tracks schemas as they are triggered in daily life

Schema Flashcards

Summarizes key information about each schema for easy review

Chain Analysis Worksheet

Explores links between triggers, schemas, emotions, and behaviors

Schema Coping Cards

Outlines healthy coping strategies to use when schemas get triggered

Tips for Using Schema Therapy Worksheets

To get the most out of schema therapy worksheets:

  • Use worksheet activities suggested by your therapist
  • Review worksheets together in sessions
  • Be open and honest when completing them
  • Notice schemas early on using worksheets like timelines and diaries
  • Refer back to schema coping cards when triggered outside of therapy


What are some examples of schema therapy worksheets?

Some common schema therapy worksheets include schemas over timeline worksheets, schema diaries, schema flashcards, chain analysis worksheets, and schema coping cards.

How often should I complete schema therapy worksheets?

How often you complete worksheets depends on what your therapist recommends. Many find reviewing worksheets daily or weekly most helpful for reinforcing concepts from therapy.

Where can I find schema therapy worksheets?

You can ask your therapist for schema therapy worksheets to use. There are also many free and printable worksheets available online that you can download, or apps that provide schema therapy resources.

Do schema therapy worksheets really work?

Research shows that using schema therapy worksheets and other schema therapy techniques can be effective for improving many mental health conditions. Worksheets give the therapy real-world application and reinforce learning.

What should I do if I feel overwhelmed by the worksheets?

Let your therapist know if you feel overwhelmed with the amount or depth of self-reflection required in the worksheets. You may need to slow down the pace or adjust activities to a level that feels manageable for you.