Schuyler Grant Shows Us Inside Her Fridge

Schuyler Grant Shows Us Inside Her Fridge

What is Inside Schuyler Grant’s Fridge?

Schuyler Grant, a chef, author, and TV personality known for her wholesome recipes and lifestyle wisdom, recently gave a mini fridge tour that offered a sweet glimpse into what she keeps on hand at home. Beyond the usual fruits, veggies, and staples like milk and eggs, her fridge reveals a life centered on nourishing food, family, and simple joys.

Healthy Staples for Wholesome Cooking

The first thing you notice is rows of sparkling glass bottles filled with Schuyler’s homemade salad dressings and sauces, symbolic of how she approaches cooking – condiments made with whole ingredients, not mysterious liquids from a store. Next come stacks of produce like peppers, greens, carrots, and apples. It’s a mini farmers market promising all kinds of healthy, seasonal dishes.

Ingredients for Comfort and Connection

In between, you find less expected items that tell their own story. There are homemade bone broths for sipping, cider vinegars with the mother for gut health, and ferments like kimchi and pickles containing probiotics. It’s clear Schuyler is knowledgeable about using traditional foods to nourish the body. Then come the sweeter touches – a few chocolates, cookies from a beloved bakery, interesting sodas. These small pleasures reveal her balanced approach.

Nourishment for the Whole Family

Finally, the ingredients speak to Schuyler’s role as a mother of four. There are kid-friendly items like yogurt, string cheese, apple sauce pouches, and other grab-and-go snacks for busy school mornings. Yet there’s an equal amount of nutrient-dense food – pastured eggs, organic whole milk, grass-fed butter, and good quality oils. It’s the fridge of someone aiming to feed her family nourishing food amidst the chaos of daily life.


What are some key healthy items in Schuyler Grant’s fridge?

Schuyler’s fridge contains many fresh, whole foods like vegetables, greens, carrots, apples, pastured eggs, full-fat dairy from grass-fed cows, bone broths, fermented foods like kimchi and pickles, and quality oils like olive and avocado oil.

What comfort foods and treats does she keep on hand?

Her fridge includes small amounts of sweets like cookies and chocolates. There are also interesting sodas, apple sauce pouches for kids, yogurts, and string cheese – treats her family enjoys.

How do the ingredients show her approach to feeding her family?

With four kids, Schuyler stocks many grab-and-go items for hurried mornings, like yogurt and fruit pouches. But she balances these with plenty of nutrient-dense foods – pastured eggs, full fat dairy, vegetables, and such.

What do her homemade items signify about her cooking philosophy?

The rows of dressings, broths, fermented foods, and sauces Schuyler makes herself using whole food ingredients shows her emphasis on cooking nourishing foods from scratch at home.

What is unique or unexpected about the contents of her fridge?

You don’t expect to see bone broths, fermented vegetables like kimchi and pickles, interesting sodas, cider vinegars, and sweets like quality chocolates in many fridges. Schuyler incorporates small indulgences while focusing on traditional, nourishing foods.