Self-Care Essentials: Staying Sane While Juggling Work and School

Self-Care Essentials: Staying Sane While Juggling Work and School

Finding Balance Between Work and School

Going to school while working a job can be extremely challenging. The long hours and constant demands on your time and energy can leave you feeling overwhelmed. However, with some planning and self-care, finding balance is possible. Here are some tips for staying sane while juggling work and academics:

Set Reasonable Expectations

Be realistic about what you can achieve. Avoid overscheduling yourself and allow flexibility for unexpected events. Remember that your health and wellbeing should be the priority.

Practice Stress Management

Make time each day for relaxing activities like yoga, meditation, or reading. Getting enough sleep is also essential. Don’t neglect self-care – it will help you be more productive.

Organize Your Schedule

Use calendars and to-do lists to stay on top of deadlines and tasks. Schedule focused time for schoolwork when you have the most energy. Batch similar activities to maximize efficiency.

Ask for Support When Needed

Don’t be afraid to reach out to professors, supervisors, or loved ones when you start feeling overwhelmed. Having a strong support system is invaluable.

Focus on One Task at a Time

When working, avoid distractions and focus all your attention on the current assignment. During breaks, disconnect and recharge.

Maintaining Healthy Habits

Incorporating healthy routines into your schedule will give you more energy and resilience:

  • Eat nutritious meals and stay hydrated
  • Exercise several times per week
  • Spend time outdoors or with supportive friends


How can I stay motivated?

Remember your long term goals and focus on small wins each day. Celebrate achievements with rewards.

What if I start falling behind?

Talk to your professors right away. They may be able to grant extensions or help prioritize tasks.

Should I reduce my work hours?

If possible, cutting back on work even slightly can free up valuable time for school. See if you can negotiate a schedule change.

What time management tools help?

Apps like Trello, Evernote, and Google Calendar help organize tasks, take notes, and schedule time. Find what works best for you.

How do I catch up on sleep?

Stick to a regular sleep routine, wind down before bed, limit electronics, and nap when possible. Sleep is essential!