She Recovers Long Island Events

She Recovers Long Island Events

Long Island provides a nurturing community for women seeking health and wellness through connection. Local groups offer meetings, activities, and events focused on personal growth, mindfulness, creativity, and empowerment.

About She Recovers Long Island

She Recovers NY is an organization providing judgment-free spaces for women to support one another in recovery from substance abuse or other struggles. The Long Island chapter meets regularly to share stories, find inspiration, and celebrate successes through yoga, art, nature walks, and more.

Weekly Support Group Meetings

She Recovers LI holds open 12-step meetings in a safe space to build trust and encourage openness. Attendees discuss topics like self-care, managing triggers, setting boundaries, and overcoming self-doubt. Meetings focus on hope, compassion, and reminders that each woman has inner reserves of strength.

Mindful Movements Sessions

Soothing yoga flows help quiet the mind and relieve tension. Gentle breathing exercises and guided meditations tap into relaxation. These practices teach healthy coping mechanisms to replace destructive habits. Sessions often theme around self-love, letting go of shame or fear, and living purposefully.

Journaling and Art Workshops

Creative workshops allow self-discovery through drawing, painting, collage making, and reflective writing prompts. Journaling about growth uncovers insights while colorful art projects channel positivity. Discussing artwork and writings sparks meaningful conversations around processing emotions.

Outdoor Gatherings

Being in nature together—hiking trails, strolling beaches, gardening, or outdoor picnics—promotes bonding. The serenity and beauty renew spirits. Laughing, learning, and sharing in the open air brings people closer through authentic human connection.


What does She Recovers offer?

She Recovers Long Island provides non-judgemental recovery support groups, activities focused on mindfulness and empowerment, and community for women overcoming substance abuse or other struggles.

Who leads the She Recovers groups and events?

Trained facilitators and peer support volunteers—who have lived experience with the recovery journey—organize and lead the She Recovers Long Island events. They create safe, understanding spaces for women to open up.

What happens at meetings and events?

Attending groups starts with sharing stories and thoughts to validate one another’s experiences. Uplifting discussions, creative activities, and meditative practices then build confidence and emotional wellness.

Can I bring a friend to events?

Yes, women are encouraged to bring friends or family members to She Recovers events for solidarity and to share an enlightening experience.

How can these groups help my recovery?

Building a community of support provides motivation, accountability, and inspiration to keep moving forward. It replaces isolation with solidarity so women realize they don’t have to walk the recovery path alone.