Simplify Organization in Your Home

Simplify Organization in Your Home

Declutter First

The first step toward organization is to declutter. Go through each room and create piles for items to donate, trash, or keep. Be ruthless in deciding what you actually need and use. This process can be emotionally difficult, but pushing through is worth it.

Designate Spaces

Once you’ve pared down belongings, consider storage solutions. Designate spaces for categories of items – assign a drawer for office supplies, a shelf for books, etc. This makes it easier to maintain organization going forward.

Label Everything

Clear labels help keep spaces orderly. Label shelves, bins, baskets and more. For items without designated homes, use organizers with compartments and labels for tidiness.

Daily Quick Clean

Do a 10 minute tidy at the end of each day to maintain order. Quickly put items back in their labeled spots. This prevents clutter from accumulating.

Weekly Deep Clean

Set aside time each week for a thorough clean. Dust, vacuum, clear surfaces, wash linens, scrub bathrooms and more. Regular deep cleaning keeps your whole home fresh.


What are the benefits of an organized home?

An organized home is easier to clean and find things in. It also promotes a calmer environment.

Where do I start organizing?

Start by decluttering one space at a time. Then designate spots for categories of items and label everything.

How much time does organization take?

Decluttering and initial organizing takes the most time upfront. But with an organizational system in place, daily and weekly maintenance is quicker.

What if I can’t stay organized?

Use organizers, bins, baskets and clear labeling so items have designated spots to be returned to. Also schedule daily and weekly cleaning sessions.

How do I avoid getting overwhelmed?

Break organization into manageable chunks rather than tackling everything at once. Start with quick daily and weekly cleaning habits before reorganizing a whole room.