Simplify Your Space

Simplify Your Space

Simplifying your living space can have profound benefits on your mental and emotional wellbeing. By thoughtfully evaluating what we surround ourselves with, we can create homes that nourish us.

Start with Self-Reflection

Begin by asking yourself some questions. What feelings do you want your home to inspire? Calmness? Creativity? Joy? Consider which possessions spark nostalgia or bring you peace. Also reflect on which items cause stress or no longer serve you.

Clear the Clutter

Go through each room, keeping only what you need and brings purpose. For items you’re unsure about, box them up for 6 months. If you don’t retrieve something in that timeframe, donate or recycle it.

Organize Essentials

Group like items together and store them conveniently to maximize efficiency. Label containers clearly so everything has a designated place.

Add Personal Touches

Incorporate special mementos, artwork, plants, pillows or anything that makes your space uniquely yours. These touches spark joy and reinforce that simplistic doesn’t mean sterile.

Continuously Edit

Re-evaluate seasonally. As your needs and priorities shift, ensure your surroundings align accordingly. Contentment comes from an edited environment aligned with your values.


What are the benefits of simplifying your living space?

It reduces stress and clutter. It makes cleaning easier and helps you find things faster. It creates calmness and clarity of mind.

How do I decide what to keep vs. discard?

Keep only items you need, use regularly or bring you joy. Donate or recycle anything non-essential or causing negativity.

What’s the best way to organize my space?

Group like items and give everything a designated storage spot labeled clearly. Utilize organizers to prevent clutter.

Should I completely empty a room to simplify it?

If feasible, yes. Working from an empty, clean slate allows you to evaluate necessities without distraction and build up mindfully.

How often should I revisit simplifying?

Aim to do a major overhaul annually, but periodically scan for clutter creep every few months. Continual small edits maintain simplicity.