Simplifying Your Christmas Decor

Simplifying Your Christmas Decor

Keeping Christmas Simple

The holidays are meant to be a joyful time of year, but they often end up becoming stressful and complicated instead. This year, consider simplifying your Christmas decor to help relieve some of that pressure.<

Focus on Meaningful Decorations

Rather than trying to decorate every inch of your home, carefully select a few meaningful decor items. This could be:

  • Your child’s favorite ornament
  • An heirloom nativity set
  • A wreath made from foraged greenery

Not only will this cut down on clutter, but it will help you appreciate and reflect on what matters most.

Natural Materials

Nature offers beautiful, neutral decor options perfect for a simplified Christmas aesthetic. Try:

  • A garland made from pine, cedar, magnolia, or other evergreens
  • Winter berries and fresh greenery in a vase
  • Potted poinsettias or Christmas cactus plants

Let the simple beauty of natural materials shine.

Warm Lighting

Soft, warm lighting sets a lovely holiday mood with minimal effort. Options include:

  • White string lights
  • Candles
  • A crackling fire

Bathe your home in cozy, golden light.

Handmade Touches

Add personalized, handmade elements for a heartfelt touch. Ideas include:

  • Children’s artwork
  • Homemade wreaths or swags
  • Embroidered stockings

What you create with love is more meaningful than what you buy.

Favorite Treats

Bake your famous sugar cookies or candy canes. Brew some mulled cider or hot chocolate. Enjoying cherished treats together is what it’s all about.


What are some ideas for quick, simple Christmas decorations?

String up white lights, set out a few candleholders with seasonal candles, hang a pine garland over the mantel or stair railing, and place some holiday throw pillows around your space. Add an easy DIY wreath on your front door for a festive welcome.

How can I simplify Christmas decor with kids?

Let the kids make most of the decorations – paper snowflake garlands, popcorn strings, handprint ornaments. Supplement with store-bought items as needed, but keep it minimal. Focus on just the main living areas and their rooms.

What natural materials work well for simple Christmas decor?

Evergreen boughs like pine, cedar, fir, magnolia, eucalyptus offer wonderful options for garlands, wreaths, and arrangements. Foraged items like pinecones, acorns, berries, and dried grasses add organic texture. Fresh winter greenery and flowers like poinsettias, amaryllis, and Christmas cactus bring seasonal color.

How can I set a warm, cozy mood for Christmas with minimal effort?

Candles instantly create holiday hygge. Group pillar candles, votives, or tea lights on the mantel, table tops, and countertops. You can also string soft white lights along your railing, around door frames, or on small trees. Turn off overhead fixtures and let the candles and lights lend a warm glow.

What are quick handmade touches I can add to my Christmas decor?

Make a mini holiday banner from fabric scraps or craft paper to hang over the kitchen. Accent wrapped gifts with hand-stamped gift tags or fabric ribbons. Craft paper snowflake window clings or salt dough tree ornaments are fun DIY decor kids can help with too. The personal touches mean the most.