Skip the Gym! Here Are 15 Rope Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Skip the Gym! Here Are 15 Rope Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Getting in shape doesn’t require an expensive gym membership. With just a jump rope, you can get a great full-body workout in the comfort of your own home. Jumping rope burns calories, builds muscle, improves coordination, and boosts heart health.

Benefits of Jumping Rope

  • Burns calories – 10 minutes of jumping rope burns about 100-200 calories
  • Builds muscle – works muscles in legs, shoulders, core, arms, and back
  • Improves coordination
  • Increases agility
  • Boosts heart health
  • Convenient – can be done anywhere
  • Inexpensive – only requires a rope

15 Rope Exercises To Do At Home

1. Basic Jump

Stand with feet hip-width apart holding the rope handles. Swing rope over head and jump as it passes under feet. Land lightly on balls of feet. Repeat.

2. High Knees

Do basic jump while lifting knees as high as possible. Engages core.

3. Butt Kicks

Do basic jump while kicking heels back to touch glutes. Works leg and glute muscles.

4. Crossovers

Do basic jump while crossing right leg in front, then left leg in front. Coordinates upper and lower body.

5. Skaters

Jump to right bringing right foot behind left leg, bend knee. Jump to left bringing left foot behind right leg. Mimics skater’s lunge.

6. Heel Raises

Raise heels off floor bringing weight onto toes. Lower heels back to floor. Repeat quickly. Strengthens calves.

7. Jogging

Do basic jump with slow, light jogging pace. Low impact cardio.

8. Running

Increase jogging pace for higher intensity cardio.

9. Double Unders

Turn rope twice for each jump. Very fast pace coordination exercise.

10. Cross Arm

Crisscross arms in front while doing basic jump. Works shoulders and coordination.

11. Backwards Jumping

Turn around and jump over rope backwards. Engages different muscles.

12. One-Foot Jumping

Jump on right foot then left foot. Improves balance and leg strength.

13. Criss-Cross

Jump forward and backward, left and right in a criss cross pattern.

14. Boxer Skip

Do basic jump while punching opposite hand forward. Shadow box with rope.

15. Triangle

Jump while crossing left foot behind right, then right foot behind left, repeat other side.


What type of rope is best for jumping?

A beaded rope with weighted handles is easier for beginners to control. An adjustable rope lets you customize length. Speed ropes are very lightweight for advanced users.

How high should I jump over the rope?

Jump just enough to clear the rope – only an inch or two off the floor. Jumping too high increases risk of injury.

How long should I jump rope for?

Aim for 10-20 minutes of jumping rope in your workout. Can break into intervals if needed. Rest if you feel pain or dizziness.

How many calories does jumping rope burn?

Expect to burn about 100 – 200 calories for every 10 minutes of moderate rope jumping.

What muscles does jumping rope work?

Jumping rope engages muscles throughout body – legs, glutes, core, back, shoulders, and arms. It’s a full body exercise.