Strength in Communities

Strength in Communities

The Power of Community

In times of hardship, coming together as a community can provide strength, support, and hope. When we unite with compassion for our shared struggles, we have the power to lift each other up.

Finding Common Ground

Though we all have differences, we share one humanity. Across barriers of race, gender, religion and more, we can find common ground in our hopes for health, happiness, and fulfillment for ourselves and our loved ones.

The Courage to Open Our Hearts

Opening our hearts to understand others’ suffering takes courage. Yet this vulnerability connects us in the most profound way. Listening and seeking to help carries more power than turning away.

Choosing Gentleness

Every small act of gentleness ripples outwards. A gentle word, a gentle hand – when we lead with care, communities bloom. Peace within us manifests peace amongst us.

Lifting Each Other Higher

We all need help sometimes. By giving when we can and receiving help openly, we lift the whole community higher. With patience and compassion, we elevate each other.


How can I get more involved in my local community?

Check community bulletin boards, talk to neighbors, volunteer, attend local events. Discover what brings people together and join in with an open heart!

What if someone in my community makes me uncomfortable?

Seek to understand them with compassion. If possible, have respectful dialogue. Focus on common hopes rather than differences – this lifts everyone up.

What do strong communities have in common?

Mutual trust and understanding between members. Spaces to gather and connect. Culture of service, cooperation and collective growth towards shared goals.

How can I be more gentle and patient with others?

Check in with your inner state – are you stressed or struggling in a way that makes patience harder? Address your needs first. Then lead from a place of calm wisdom and care.

Why unite communities instead of just helping ourselves?

We inter-are – our fates are bound together. Lifting up those around us lifts our shared world. Community strength benefits all members – including ourselves.