The 14 best medicine balls of 2022, according to fitness experts

The 14 best medicine balls of 2022, according to fitness experts

Medicine balls can be a fun and effective way to add variety to your workout routine. Whether you want to build core strength, improve coordination, or work on explosive power, medicine balls allow you to train in new ways.

Focusing on Overall Wellness

When researching medicine balls, it’s important to focus on your overall health and wellness goals rather than getting caught up in marketing claims. Consider your own needs and abilities first. The most expensive ball with the flashiest features may not actually be the best fit for you.

Consulting Fitness Experts

Fitness experts like personal trainers and physical therapists can provide personalized recommendations based on your fitness level, any physical limitations, and what you want to achieve with your training. Their experience allows them to suggest appropriate medicine ball sizes, weights, and exercises to match your goals.

The Highest Rated Medicine Balls

After consulting experts, many people narrow their options down to some of the most consistently highly rated medicine balls on the market. These often strike the best balance of quality, durability, and reasonable pricing for most exercisers. They include:

  • SKLZ Slam Balls
  • Amazon Basics Medicine Balls
  • Champion Sports Medicine Balls
  • TRX Training Medicine Balls
  • OPTP PRO Plyo Balls

Expert Tips for Safe, Effective Use

Once you’ve chosen a medicine ball suited for your fitness level, experts recommend keeping these tips in mind:

  • Warm up first with dynamic stretching to prevent injury
  • Start slow and focus on technique over speed or weight
  • Engage your core during explosive movements
  • Brace your torso on catches to absorb force
  • Allow muscles to fully recover between medicine ball sessions

Listening to Your Body

Most importantly, listen to the signals from your body. Pain or discomfort are signs to stop an exercise, lighten your medicine ball, or adjust your range of motion. With mindful training focused on overall health rather than arbitrary goals or metrics, medicine balls can be a gentle, low-impact way to improve fitness.


What are the benefits of using a medicine ball?

Medicine balls can improve strength, balance, stability, explosive power, and athletic performance. They allow full range of motion exercises and dynamic movements you can’t get from free weights or machines alone.

How heavy of a medicine ball do I need?

Choose a weight you can comfortably lift overhead and catch without pain or strain. Most beginners and intermediate exercisers do best starting with 4-6 pound or 8-10 pound medicine balls.

What exercises can I do with a medicine ball?

Common medicine ball exercises include overhead slams, rotational throws, lunges with ball passes, various core exercises, push ups with ball taps, and using the ball for assisted stretching.

Where is the best place to buy medicine balls?

Many major retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods, Walmart, and Target sell affordable medicine balls from reputable brands. You can also find great options online from specialty fitness companies like Rogue Fitness or Perform Better.

How can I make my medicine ball exercises more challenging?

You can increase difficulty by using a heavier ball, performing exercises standing on one leg for increased balance demands, speeding up explosive movements, or holding a squat position during overhead passes.