The 7 best eco-friendly toilet paper brands for your bum and the planet

The 7 best eco-friendly toilet paper brands for your bum and the planet

Finding eco-friendly toilet paper

Our planet provides everything we need to live happy, healthy lives. As consumers, one way we can give back is by making choices that nurture the environment.

When it comes to toilet paper, we’re fortunate to have options that are gentle on our bums and Mother Nature.

What makes toilet paper eco-friendly?

  • Made from recycled materials
  • Sustainably sourced virgin fibers (FSC certified)
  • Green production methods
  • Free of dyes, fragrances and other harsh chemicals
  • Compostable packaging

The top 7 eco-friendly toilet paper picks

Here are some standout options to consider:

1. Who Gives a Crap

With a cheeky name and commitment to doing good, this Australian brand makes toxin-free TP from bamboo and donates 50% of profits to build toilets for those in need.

2. Seventh Generation

A leader in green home products, their recycled toilet paper is whitened without chlorine and printed with vegetable dyes.

3. Green Forest

Offering bulk options at affordable prices, their FSC certified toilet tissue is gentle and septic-safe.

4. Caboo

Made in the USA from sustainable bamboo sugarcane grass, this very soft 2-ply is free of inks, dyes and perfumes.

5. No. 2

Fittingly named, this plastic-free brand makes odor-blocking toilet paper from 100% recycled materials in a zero-waste facility.

6. Reel

A subscription service that delivers to your door, their FSC certified premium rolls come bundled in compostable paper.

7. Ecoleaf

Ethically sourced from rapidly renewable bamboo, their luxury 4-ply toilet tissue has soothing aloe and is sewer/septic safe.

Making the sustainable switch

Small changes can add up to make a big difference. Opting for an eco-friendly toilet paper brand means less waste in landfills, safer ingredients in our homes and a cleaner world for all.


What is eco-friendly toilet paper made of?

Eco-friendly toilet paper is typically made from recycled materials, sustainably-sourced virgin fibers like bamboo, sugarcane, or wheatgrass, or a combination.

Is bamboo toilet paper really sustainable?

Bamboo is generally considered a sustainable source for toilet paper as it grows rapidly without pesticides and requires little water. However, raw bamboo needs intensive processing to make soft paper.

Is recycled toilet paper rough?

Not necessarily. Manufacturers can process and treat recycled pulp to produce toilet paper that is just as soft as virgin paper while using fewer trees.

Is eco toilet paper expensive?

Prices vary by brand, but eco-friendly toilet paper is competitive with conventional options while meeting higher environmental standards. Many brands offer bulk discounts.

What is FSC certified toilet paper?

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certifies products made from responsibly managed forests. FSC eco-label assures consumers the virgin wood pulp comes from sustainable logging practices.