The Best Cookbooks of 2020 for Healthy Cooking Inspo

The Best Cookbooks of 2020 for Healthy Cooking Inspo

Finding Joy in Healthy Home Cooking

Cooking nutritious meals at home can nourish both body and soul. As many of us spend more time indoors lately, our kitchens call to us – not just as a place to prepare food, but as a creative space for connection and care.

Cookbooks That Uplift and Inspire

This year’s best wellness cookbooks contain recipes using whole, plant-based ingredients that make self-care delicious. They also recognize cooking’s potential for greater meaning – beyond calories, protein counts and SEO.

Food for the Soul

The cookbooks below remind us why nourishing food matters in difficult times. They encourage mindfulness while chopping, stirring, and tasting. They bring people together across generations through cherished family recipes.

Kitchen Wisdom

These authors share insights from their culinary journeys towards better health and wellbeing. By bravely changing eating habits, many overcame chronic illnesses and depression. Their books thoughtfully explore the connections between food, mood, spirit, and purpose.

Nourishing Community

Loving messages about acceptance, diversity and hope for the future are woven through many recipes and stories. The authors recognize food preparation as an act of care – for ourselves, our families, and our communities.


What are the benefits of cooking at home?

Cooking at home can improve health through better nutrition. It also provides stress relief, opportunities for self-care, family bonding time, and connection with cultural traditions.

What makes a cookbook good for beginners?

The best cookbooks for beginners feature simple recipes with clear instructions. They include tips and definitions so new cooks feel supported in the kitchen.

How can cooking impact mental health?

Cooking’s repetitive tasks promote mindfulness. Shared meals build connections between people. Creating nourishing food bolsters self-worth. These benefits can alleviate anxiety, loneliness and depression.

What role does food play in social justice?

Equitable access to wholesome, affordable food is still an ongoing social justice issue. Cookbooks that celebrate food traditions from diverse cultures help raise awareness.

How can cookbooks inspire climate action?

By emphasizing plant-based whole foods over meat, authors encourage sustainable eating habits. Discussing food waste reduction also shows how small kitchen choices make a global difference.