The Best Gym Hairstyles If You’re Working Out with Braids

The Best Gym Hairstyles If You’re Working Out with Braids

Staying Active While Protecting Your Braids

Working out with braided hair requires some extra care and planning. The good news is that with the right gym hairstyles, you can exercise comfortably while keeping your braids neat and protecting your edges.

Low Manipulation Styles

Opt for low manipulation styles that keep your braids flat against your scalp. This prevents excessive pulling and friction that can lead to breakage:

  • Slick high ponytails or buns
  • Single braids pulled back
  • Headwraps or silk scarves
  • Braid crowns

Moisturizing Tips

It’s important to keep your braids conditioned while working out. Try these tips:

  • Apply a moisturizing but lightweight leave-in conditioner before your workout
  • Mist braids with water or a braid spray as needed
  • Shampoo only 1-2 times per week
  • Deep condition weekly


What hairstyles protect braids during workouts?

Low manipulation styles like slicked back ponytails, headwraps, braid crowns, and single braids pulled back are best for protecting braids during workouts.

How often should you wash braids when working out?

Only shampoo your braids 1-2 times per week when working out to prevent over-manipulation. Use conditioning and moisturizing products in between washes.

Should you wear a durag or bonnet to the gym?

Wearing a silk bonnet or durag can help control frizz and friction during workouts. Choose breathable fabrics, and opt for a style that fits smoothly against your braids.

What products help moisturize braids?

Look for lightweight, non-greasy leave-in conditioners, braid sprays, and oils to moisturize braids before and after workouts without weighing them down.

How can you prevent braids from slipping during exercise?

Secure braids with silk scarves and headwraps or pull them back tightly in a high ponytail or bun. Bobby pin any loose braids in place. Setting braids with holding spray can also prevent slipping.