The Jealous Person

The Jealous Person

Understanding Jealousy with Compassion

Feeling jealous is a common human experience that can lead to suffering. With understanding and compassion for oneself and others, we can work through these difficult emotions.

The Roots of Jealousy

Jealousy often arises from feelings of insecurity, fear of loss or abandonment, or desires for things we don’t have. It can stem from painful past experiences, low self-worth, or social conditioning that values comparisons.

The Pain of Jealousy

The painful feelings jealousy evokes can drive reactions like lashing out, controlling behavior, or withdrawing into depression. This causes damage in relationships and erodes our peace of mind. Recognizing the pain beneath jealousy is the first step to healing.

Cultivating Self-Compassion

Developing self-compassion, the ability to comfort ourselves in difficult moments, can help us better understand and cope with jealousy. We can learn to challenge negative self-talk and treat ourselves as we would a good friend.

Practicing Lovingkindness

Extending loving wishes towards ourselves and others generates positive emotions like compassion. This helps us let go of jealous feelings and their grip on our hearts and minds. We remember that all people suffer and desire to be happy.


What causes jealousy?

Insecurity, fear of loss, past hurt, low self-worth, and social conditioning like competitiveness can all cause jealous feelings to arise.

How can you help yourself when feeling jealous?

Self-compassion, challenging negative thoughts, emphasizing your own worth, reframing situations, and practicing lovingkindness can help alleviate jealousy.

What should you avoid when feeling jealous?

Avoid destructive behaviors like lashing out at others, attempting to control people or situations, self-blame, or withdrawing into isolation or depression.

Can being jealous damage relationships?

Yes, jealousy often leads to behaviors that push partners away, create distrust, and erode intimacy bonds that relationships depend on.

How can you show compassion to a jealous person?

Listen without judgment, validate their feelings, emphasize their positive qualities, avoid minimising their experience, set healthy boundaries if needed, and offer support.