The NYC Restaurant That Serves Ants, Grasshoppers, and Crickets

The NYC Restaurant That Serves Ants, Grasshoppers, and Crickets

Are you an adventurous eater looking for the next culinary experience to tickle your palate? Look no further! There’s a New York City restaurant that’s creating a buzz with its unconventional menu items: ants, grasshoppers, and crickets. In this article, we’ll explore the growing trend of entomophagy (eating insects) and give you a taste of what to expect at this daring dining establishment.

Why Eat Insects?

Insects have been part of the human diet for centuries, but it’s only recently that the Western world is catching up. Packed with proteins, vitamins, and minerals, insects are not only nutritious but also a sustainable food source. Let’s dive into the reasons why these critters are crawling onto more plates.

Meet the Menu: Ants, Grasshoppers, and Crickets

At the heart of this unique eatery’s menu are the ants, grasshoppers, and crickets. Each one brings a distinct flavor and texture that are sure to intrigue. The ants might surprise you with their lemony zing, while grasshoppers offer a satisfying crunch. Crickets are known for their nutty taste, reminiscent of popcorn.

The Experiential Dining Experience

It’s not just about the food; it’s about the experience. This NYC restaurant prides itself on providing a comfortable environment for guests to explore these novel dishes. The staff is knowledgeable and passionate, ready to guide diners through this gastronomic journey.

Sustainability and Ethics

One of the most compelling reasons to dine on insects is sustainability. Insects require far less land, water, and feed compared to traditional livestock. By incorporating insects into the menu, this restaurant is taking a stand for a more sustainable future.

Preparing Your Palate

If you’re new to eating insects, the idea may seem daunting. However, this restaurant is the perfect place to take that first step. With dishes expertly crafted to highlight the flavors of these insects, you’re in for a pleasantly surprising culinary adventure.


1. Is eating insects safe?

Yes, eating insects is safe, provided they are sourced from reliable suppliers that ensure they are free from contaminants and prepared correctly.

2. What does the restaurant do to ensure food safety?

The restaurant adheres to strict food safety protocols, sourcing their insects from reputable farms that specialize in raising them for human consumption.

3. Can I be allergic to insects?

Just like with any food, it’s possible to be allergic to insects. If you have a shellfish allergy, you may also be allergic to insects due to similar proteins.

4. Are there vegetarian or vegan options?

While insects are not vegetarian or vegan, the restaurant offers a variety of plant-based dishes that complement the insect-centric offerings.

5. How do I make a reservation?

To experience this unique dining option, it’s recommended to book a table in advance through the restaurant’s website or by calling directly.