These Low-Impact Outdoor Workouts Make Exercise More Fun

These Low-Impact Outdoor Workouts Make Exercise More Fun

Relieve Stress with Outdoor Exercise

Getting outside in nature is proven to relieve stress and improve mental wellbeing. As the weather warms up, consider taking your workout outdoors for a refreshing change of scenery.

Walking and Hiking

Going for long walks or hikes on local trails is a simple way to soak up some vitamin D while getting your daily dose of cardio. Just be sure to wear supportive shoes, bring water, and apply sunscreen.

Yoga in the Park

Flow through sun salutations surrounded by trees and grass at an outdoor yoga class. Feeling the earth beneath your mat can deepen poses and your mind-body connection.


Coast along bike paths or ride through your neighborhood while getting a fun workout. Protect your head by wearing a helmet and be sure to stay hydrated.

Kayaking and Stand Up Paddleboarding

Paddle your way to a full-body workout on a nearby lake or river. Just don’t forget your life jacket! This is a great low-impact activity for cross training.


Is outdoor exercise safe?

Exercising outdoors is generally safe if you take proper precautions like wearing sun protection, staying hydrated, dressing for the weather conditions, and knowing your limits.

What are some beginner outdoor workouts?

Great outdoor workouts for beginners include walking, gentle hiking, recreational cycling, outdoor yoga flows, and leisurely kayaking or paddleboarding.

Can I get injured doing outdoor workouts?

As with any exercise, you can get injured doing outdoor workouts. Listen to your body, start slow, use proper gear like supportive footwear, and ease into higher intensity or duration workouts.

How often should I exercise outdoors?

Aim for at least 20-30 minutes of outdoor exercise 3-5 days per week. Enjoy activities you like and mix it up to prevent overuse injuries.

Is outdoor exercise good for mental health?

Yes! Exercising in nature is proven to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety while boosting energy, focus, happiness and overall mental wellbeing.