This New Formula Was Created for Babies Born During COVID-19

This New Formula Was Created for Babies Born During COVID-19

Compassion During Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic created unprecedented challenges for families welcoming new babies. While times were difficult, we also witnessed immense strength and resilience. This crisis brought out our collective humanity as people around the world rallied to support one another.

Adapting to New Norms

New parents faced rapidly changing hospital policies and restrictions on visitors. Many had to give birth and bring home newborns without the in-person support of extended family. Communities adapted by finding creative ways to show care across distance.

Focusing on Connection

During this crisis, we were reminded about what matters most – human connection. While separated physically, we still found ways to build bonds of support. Many became closer to their partners, children and small social circles as priorities were re-evaluated.

Finding Positivity

The next generation of children born during the pandemic will grow up in a world forever changed. However, they will be shaped by parents and communities who displayed incredible resilience during hardship. With some luck, they will inherit that same spirit.


What unique challenges did new parents face during COVID-19?

New parents faced changing hospital policies, restrictions on support persons, and lack of in-person family support after bringing babies home. Many also dealt with job loss, financial stress, and anxiety over health risks.

How did communities adapt to support new families?

People found creative ways to show support across distance through meal deliveries, video calls, care packages and more. Many became closer within their small social circles as well.

What positive impacts could come from babies born during COVID-19?

This generation inherited incredible resilience from being raised during crisis by parents and communities who displayed strength, adaptability and compassion.

What lessons can we take from this experience?

We were reminded of the importance of human connection and support, especially during times of crisis. We also saw our collective strength and ability to rapidly adapt when needed.

What are signs of trauma or distress for babies born during the pandemic?

Experts say to watch for developmental delays, changes in behavior and mood, altered sleep patterns, altered feeding patterns, and excess crying or fussiness. Be attuned and responsive to babies’ needs.